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New Boilermakers website launches

New Boilermakers website launches

THE INTERNATIONAL LAUNCHED a new website in March 2020, replacing the previous site first released in 2006.

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Local 11 takes top NACBE safety honor—again

Clinton Penny, BM-ST of Local 11, accepts the John F. Erickson NACBE Safety Award on behalf of his lodge during the 2020 Construction Sector Operations conference. L. to r. are IVP-WS J. Tom Baca, Penny, NACBE Executive Director Ron Traxler and IP Newton Jones.

FOR THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE year—and the third time in four years—Western States’ Local 11 (Helena, Montana) earned NACBE’s highest safety award. L-11 was presented with the John F.

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Advisory

The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has become an international health concern.

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Boilermakers restore Union Pacific’s steam behemoth

The Union Pacific restored the Big Boy 4014 with its nine-person “steam team.”

In the 19th Century, Boilermakers found their home harnessing steam to power a growing country and to transport an increasingly mobile North American population.

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Boilermakers advocate for CCUS at COP25

Thousands of participants gathered in Madrid, Spain, from around the world to discuss climate change solutions during the United Nations’ COP25. (The event was moved from Santiago, Chile, to Madrid due to unrest in Chile.)

A DELEGATION OF Boilermaker representatives was among tens of thousands of global participants and observers at the 2019 United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, COP25, in Madrid, Spain, this pas

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Top safety award goes to Local 92

Pictured left to right: IP Newton B. Jones, L-92 BM-ST Oscar Davila, IVP Western States J. Tom Baca and MOST Administrator Mark Garrett.

LOCAL LODGE 92 (Los Angeles) was presented with the Charles W.

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Boilermakers advocate for CCUS during Climate Week and CO2 utilization summit

Cory Channon, International Director of Climate Change Policy Solutions, advocates for CCUS technology during Climate Week in New York. L. to r., Channon, Chair of the United Kingdom’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment Lord Nicholas Stern and “Carbon Wrangler” Dr. Julio Friedmann.

THE INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD of Boilermakers made its presence—and its stance on carbon capture, use and storage technology—known at two high profile global events this past fall.

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Canada Tripartite conference spotlights mental, physical wellness

 IVP-Canada Arnie Stadnick

CANADIAN BOILERMAKERS, CONTRACTORS and owners convened in St. Andrews-By-The-Sea, New Brunswick, August 13-15, to discuss industry issues, solutions and updates.

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