IEC scholarship committee announces local, CFL winners

THE BOILERMAKERS’ International Executive Council has announced its selection of scholarship award recipients for three local lodges and the Canadian Federation of Labour (CFL).

The committee selected Spencer David Balay, son of David Balay, Lodge 146 (Edmonton, Alberta), and Madison Alyssa Kerr, daughter of Daniel Kerr, Local D277 (Bamberton, British Columbia), to each receive a $1,000 CFL scholarship award. Spencer hopes to make a difference in the world by studying science and medicine at the University of Alberta, while Madi son looks forward to bettering the lives of others after studying medicine at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

The committee also announced the winners of local lodge scholarship awards. Sarah Katherin Slone and Amanda Renea Tussey will each receive a $2,000 scholarship award from Local Lodge 105 (Piketon, Ohio); Christopher Michael Kowal will receive a $2,000 scholarship award, and Shean Horngshian Yong will receive a $1,000 scholarship award from Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta).

Local 13 and Local 108 present scholarships

EDUCATIONAL GRANTS were presented earlier this year by Local 13 (Philadelphia) and Local 108 (Birmingham, Ala.) to dependents of their respective memberships.

L-13 selected winning applicants for 27 academic scholarships and two Jeffrey C. Davis Graduate awards.

The vocational grant, funded by the widow of apprentice Jeffrey C. Davis (who died in a 2002 job-site explosion), as well as the Jeffrey C. Davis Graduate award, will be given over a period of two years at $600 per semester for four semesters.

The Local 13 scholarship committee does not release names of scholarship winners for publication.

L-108 selected winners for four $3,000 scholarship awards: Cassidy Bennett, son of L-108 member Leonard Bennett; Marshall House, son of L-108 member Richard House; Katie McElroy, daughter of L-108 member Tracy McElroy; and Kiara Victory, step-daughter of L-108 member Michael Haywood.