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Contractors give to L-13 scholarship fund

Local 13 accepts a $2,500 scholarship donation from contractors Sept. 22. L. to r., Dave Bradley, Business Development Director for Delta Products Group and principal for Thermal Solutions; Mark Ostermeier, President of Delta Products Group; John Bland, L-13 Business Agent; John Clark, IR-CSO, and Martin Williams, L-13 interim BM-ST.

Gift cites Boilermakers’ chemical wash and re-tube work

A JOB WELL done is often its own reward. But when members of Local 13 (Philadelphia) completed outage work at the NextEra Energy power plant in Marcus Hook, Pa., recently, contractors Delta Products Group and Thermal Solutions happily showed their appreciation with a contribution of $2,500 toward the local’s scholarship fund.

Nooter Construction was lead contractor for the NextEra Energy job. The initial scope of work called for partial re-tubing of the boiler. But when Nooter called in Thermal Solutions Business Development Director David Bradley for consultation, Bradley urged a non-toxic chemical wash to remove extensive boiler scaling. Scaling is a problem that substantially increases the operator’s fuel costs and can lead to future tube problems. NextEra quickly agreed to the recommendation by Nooter and Bradley.

Bradley said the “Go Green” descaling technology offered through Delta Products Group is a non-toxic solution that is safe for outage crews to use. Boilermakers worked a dozen extra shifts beyond the original scope of work to complete the descaling on time and under budget.

On September 22, Bradley and Delta Products Group President Mark Ostermeier traveled to Local 13’s union hall to jointly present the scholarship fund donation.

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