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Local 374 members build base for floating casino

Barges serve as the floating foundation of Harrah’s new Horseshoe Casino Hammond on Lake Michigan in Indiana

Workers combine six barges in Lake Michigan project

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 374 (Hammond, Ind.) have completed the base for a 350,000-square-foot gaming and entertainment facility on Lake Michigan. Harrah’s all-new Horseshoe Casino Hammond will be triple the size of the company’s current facility, and the largest casino and entertainment destination in Chicagoland, when it is completed.

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Hayes Mechanical chairman gets MLK award

Left to right are Hayes Senior VP Bob Gabrysiak, Local 1 BM-ST John Skermont, Pam Mooney, IVP (Great Lakes) Larry McManamon, Rick Mooney, Local 374-BM-ST Paul Maday, J.D. Mooney, and Great Lakes Apprentice Program Co-Coordinator Larry McManamon Jr.

RICHARD “RICK” MOONEY, center (in tuxedo), chairman of Hayes Mechanical, a Boilermaker contractor, received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Excellence in Leadership Award for 2008 at a dinner in Chicago recently. The award was presented by the Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Rights (ICDHR) for “promoting the ideals articulated by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” The ICDHR cited Mooney for mentoring to minority business leaders, recruiting and employing minorities, and supporting the people of Chicago and multiculturalism.

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IVP George Rogers retires

George Rogers retires as International vice president of the Central Section.

Central Section to be represented by May, McManamon

GEORGE ROGERS retired May 1 as International vice president of the Central Section, a position he has held since Feb. 1996.

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Canadian construction lodge leaders meet

Attending a Construction Division conference in Quebec City are, l. to r.: front row, IR Cory Channon, CD Dir. Skipper Branscum, IVPs Ed Power and Joe Maloney, L-128 BM-ST Jim Tinney, L-73 BM-ST Jean Yves Poirier; back row, L-271 trustee Michel Trépanier, Darrell Bray, Natl. Apprentice Coord. Grant Jacobs, Natl. Safety Dir. Jason Mclnnis, AIP Stan Petronski, IRs Kent Oliver, Norm Ross, and Andre Fleury, L-555 BM-ST Dallas Rogers, L-359’s Barry Pine, and L-128’s Jack Ahshe.

Members discuss contracts, jurisdiction, safety, and training

CONSTRUCTION LODGE LEADERS from across Canada gathered for a two-day conference in Quebec City, Quebec, Sept. 11-12. Conducted by International Vice Presidents Joe Maloney and Ed Power, the meeting drew representatives of the following local lodges: Local 73 (Halifax, Nova Scotia); Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario); Local 271 (Montreal, Quebec); Local 359 (Vancouver, British Columbia); and Local 555 (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

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Boilermakers recommend Missouri fire district for grant

IST Bill Creeden, left, joins in a check presentation to the Kearny, Mo., Fire Protection District. L. to r. are Chris DeCaigny, president of the Union Insurance Group; Rick Victores, field vice president for Fireman’s Fund Insurance; and Captain Kevin Pratt of the Kearny FPD.

Kearney Fire Department receives $6,479 award

FIRE FIGHTERS IN the community of Kearney, Mo., just north of Kansas City, will receive some computer training modules courtesy of the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. and a recommendation by IST Bill Creeden.

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Tom Baca is new Western States IVP

Intl. Pres. Newton. B. Jones (r.) swears in Tom Baca as the new International vi

Joe Stinger retires after 40 years of service

The Intl. executive council voted J. Tom Baca into the office of International vice president for the Western States effective January 31. Baca, BM-ST for Local 549 (Pittsburg, Calif.), was nominated by International President Newton B. Jones to take the position vacated by IVP Joe Stinger’s retirement.

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Brazilian welders will work with Local 146

Brazilian labor leader Ricardo Baldino, l., shares a moment of international brotherhood with IP Newton Jones

Thousands express interest in Alberta oil sands jobs

RICARDO BALDINO, PRESIDENT of the Brazilian labor union, STICC, spoke before the Construction Division conference March 5 about a new initiative to put union welders from his country to work in Alberta, alongside members of Boilermakers Local 146 (Edmonton). Local 146 needs additional workers to help man the immense oil sands projects in the province, along with other construction and maintenance jobs.

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Boilermakers refurbish world's most powerful electrical device

Arcs and sparks fly on the Z Machine, the world's most powerful electrical device, following its refurbishment by members of the NTL and Local 4.  Courtesy Sandia National Laboratories

The Z Machine is 300 times hotter than the sun and produces X-ray power 80 times the world’s entire electrical output

MEMBERS OF THE National Transient Lodge (NTL) and Local 4 (Page, Ariz.) are working on the world’s most powerful electrical device — the Z Machine. Located at the Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, N.M., the Z Machine is a pulsed power accelerator, able to create X-ray power output of nearly 290 trillion watts, or 80 times the entire world’s output of electricity, for short periods of time. Pulsed power is a term used to describe a process in which

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