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IBB joins USEA

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has joined the United States Energy Association. USEA is a non-partisan educational association with a broad membership consisting of major players in all sectors of the American energy industry. The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers is the first labor organization to join USEA and has participated in past USEA events.

“Before the pandemic, we presented our film, ‘CCUS: Bridge to a Cleaner Energy Future’ to USEA members, which was well received,” said Cecile Conroy, Director of Governmental Affairs. “This new, formal relationship with USEA will provide the Boilermakers union with many opportunities to further network with organizations that share our interests and ‘all of the above’ approach to a clean energy future.”

Internationally, USEA supports energy development by expanding access to safe, affordable and sustainable energy in partnership with the United States government.

Learn more about USEA here: https://usea.org