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Boilermakers TV segment airs, available online

A videographer for the In Depth series pans apprentices at work in welding booths at L-169.

A segment featuring the Boilermakers union on the “In Depth Series with Laurence Fishburne” aired in October, along with a 60-second TV commercial, which ran throughout the month on popular cable networks.

The segment, filmed at Local 169 (Detroit) in March 2021, gives a brief overview of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and its history, and it promotes the merits of working with union Boilermakers—as well as the benefits of joining the union. In addition to interviews with a journeyman and apprentice, it features NACBE Executive Director Ron Traxler and Martin Williams, National Coordinator of State Legislative Initiatives, M.OR.E. Work Investment Fund. The aired segment, which ran on Fox Business Network the week of October 11, also included a short introduction from actor Laurence Fishburne.

Both the segment and TV ads belong to the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and are available online to view or for local lodges to link, download and use for their outreach purposes. The segment can be accessed at https://vimeo.com/593481265, and the 60-second commercial is available at https://vimeo.com/593464823.

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