Boilermakers International Elects Kathy Stapp as International Secretary-Treasurer

International Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Stapp

Amy Wiser, Director of Communications


Boilermakers International Elects Kathy Stapp as International Secretary-Treasurer

Stapp becomes first woman to hold senior executive office for union

Kansas City, Mo. (August 23, 2023) — The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers announces that Kathy Stapp was unanimously elected today by the organization’s International Executive Council to serve as the union’s International Secretary-Treasurer. Stapp is the first woman to ever hold this executive office, one of the union’s highest offices.

“I can think of no better person than Kathy Stapp to serve in this important role for our union,” said Boilermakers’ International President Warren Fairley. “Kathy has been a part of the Boilermakers union for decades. Her long and diverse career with the union makes her uniquely suited to understand the organization, its structure, history and policies. This is well earned, and a well-deserved office.

“I’m proud to have Kathy as part of our executive team. I have worked closely with her and know the value she brings as a trusted leader. And the fact that she is a woman is also something we certainly celebrate as a monumental and historic moment for the Boilermakers union.”

Stapp, who most recently served as Director of Human Resources and Benefits Programs and as Administrative Assistant to the International Secretary-Treasurer, began her career with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers in 1994. She originally worked as a “floater,” covering the switchboard and mail room, eventually working her way into the Accounting Department. 

After taking a hiatus in 1999 to raise a family, she rejoined the Boilermakers’ staff in 2008 in the International Secretary-Treasurer’s office. Over the years, her responsibilities evolved and she was promoted into more challenging roles as her experience grew. 

“I am honored that International President Fairley and the International Vice Presidents have chosen to entrust such an important office to me,” Stapp said. “The Boilermakers union has been more than a job for me—it’s been entrenched in nearly every aspect of my life, and I care very deeply about the future of this organization, both professionally and personally.

“I am fully committed to serving my colleagues, the local lodges and the membership to the best of my abilities in this new role.”

Stapp is a member of Boilermakers Local 627 (located in Phoenix). She earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in English, from Kansas State University and the University of San Diego.


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