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Boilermaker’s daughter joins Democratic hopeful in Ohio governor race

“She’s been walking side by side with us all throughout her career. Her track record shows it.”
– Donald Brown, L-900 president


Betty Sutton


Boilermakers from Local 85 show support for Betty Sutton at the Toledo, Ohio, annual Labor Day parade. From left, BM-ST Tim Timmons, Sutton, President Dan Brubaker, Paul McGrew and Boilermaker family member Josh Bailey.


Boilermakers with Betty Sutton at Iron Workers Local 17 in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 30. From left, Shane Wassam, L-900; President Don Brown, Local 900; Sutton; George Wise, L-900; Dan Morrison, L-900; BM-ST Marty Mahon, L-744; Tom Hough, L-744; Ryan Monter, L-744; Dan Kevany, L-744.

Cordray/Sutton show strong commitment to labor

FROM A YOUNG age, Betty Sutton, running mate of Ohio gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, learned the value of hard work and the importance of the Labor Movement from her father, Leo Sutton, a former Local 900 (Barberton, Ohio) member. Her father’s ability to earn a living wage and provide for six children from his union job at Babcock & Wilcox drove Sutton’s lifetime passion to support working families.

She said that growing up in a working-class neighborhood “instilled in me a sense of fair play. Because of this, I’ve always aimed my efforts at helping hardworking people just like those I grew up with.”

Throughout her career, starting with her first election to the Barberton City Council at age 29, Sutton has advocated for the rank-and-file workforce. Sutton’s record of supporting working families while serving eight years in the state legislature and three terms in Congress garnered her Boilermaker endorsements from Ohio’s lodges in her solo bid for governor before she exited the race in January to join the Cordray campaign. Those endorsements have carried over to the Cordray/Sutton ticket.

“It’s meaningful for me to have the support of my father’s union,” said Sutton. “I’m the proud daughter of a Boilermaker through and through.”

Sutton said she joined forces with Cordray because it offered the best opportunity to support Ohio’s middle class. “Rich Cordray has spent most of his life focused on Ohio workers and their families. We’re both committed to championing those issues that matter most to Ohio Boilermakers and their families — fighting for fair pay and decent wages, affordable health care, quality schools, vibrant communities and a secure retirement for all of us.”

Cordray and Sutton plan to focus on the middle class by creating programs to ensure job growth and economic stability, placing workers and their interests as the cornerstone of their future administration.

“I’m the proud daughter of a Boilermaker through and through.”
– Betty Sutton

“Today, there is a lack of leadership and vision,” she said. “One party controls state government, and they focus on helping people at the top. They think that by helping the people at the top it will somehow trickle down to the working families. It doesn’t work that way.”

Local 85 (Toledo, Ohio) BM-ST Tim Timmons said Sutton as has always been “an advocate for working-class people. She’s the daughter of a Boilermaker, raised blue collar. She has lived the life.”

Donald Brown, President of L-900, said the local supports Sutton not only because Sutton’s father was a member of the local but because of what she’s accomplished throughout her political career.

“She’s not your typical Democrat,” said Brown. “She’s not just saying the right things to labor. She’s been walking side by side with us all throughout her career. Her track record shows it. Every time, she’s stood by us and advocated for labor.”

There are six candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for Ohio governor. The primary takes place May 8. For more information on the Cordray/Sutton campaign, visit

Richard Cordray has served as Ohio state representative, Ohio solicitor general and attorney general. He recently resigned as the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a U.S. government agency that ensures banks, lenders and other financial companies treat consumers fairly.

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Published on the Web: March 27, 2018

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