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Local 73 provides foreman and steward training

Foreman training participants

TWENTY-THREE FOREMEN and stewards from Local 73 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) received training the week of Dec. 3. The two-day foreman course provided training on administrative responsibilities, people skills and the business aspects of construction. National Training Director Grant Jacobs and National Training Coordinator Jonathon White led the class.

The one-day basic steward class offered a preliminary understanding of the role of steward relative to the collective bargaining agreement and the international constitution, health and safety on the job site and personnel issues. National Health & Safety Rep Blair Allen and IR Richard MacIntosh led the class.

L-73 participants in the foreman training included: Etienne Belanger, Jean-Yves Theriault, Francois Chiasson, Alain Roy, Cedric Rousselle, Mathieu Vienneau, Claude Vienneau, Davis Boucher, Gino Noel, Normand Comeau, Luc Cormier, Kevin Rousselle, Terry Boudreau, Valeri Noel, Nicolas Brideau and Alain Noel. In addition, Grant Jacobs, Director of National Training; Jonathan White, National Training Coordinator; and Mario Leblanc, Training Coordinator participated.

Basic steward training participants included Mathieu Vienneau, Francois Chiasson, Rheal Cormier, Jean-Rene Paulin, Reno Mazerolle, Normand Comeau, Mike Kenny, Jean-Yves Theriault, Alain Roy, Nicholas Brideau and Claude Vienneau.