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L-374 members learn Code during AEP Rockport project

L-374 members listen to a presentation by MOST instructors Ray Parrot and Jim Porter.

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Owner, contractor sponsor training for 100

NEARLY 100 MEMBERS of Local 374 (Hammond, Indiana) received paid time off for Boilermaker Code training during a project to install a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system at the AEP Rockport, Indiana, plant February 21-23. The training was sponsored by AEP and contractor Graycor. The night shift attended the first session, and the day shift broke into two segments to attend training on the second and third days.

L-374 BM-ST Dan McWhirter credited the training opportunity to the positive relationship among the union, owner and contractor. “Code training is typically handled on a voluntary basis and away from a live project,” he said. “The training at Rockport is a great example of tripartite partners cooperating to take advantage of a program that can benefit everyone.”

Attending the class were, from L-374, McWhirter, Business Agent Douglas Ewell II, Terry Allen, Chris Alvey, Rex Below, Wayne Blakeman, Richard Boring, Brandon Boswell, Morgan DeJarnette, Christopher Driskell, Brandon Egdorf, Troy Flener, Cody Foster, Kevin Franzman, Michael Futrell, Daniel Gayer, Aaron Gonzales, Michael Grasela, Bryan Hall, Chris Hobgood, Tracy Howard, Zach Johnson, Larry Kalinowski, Gabe Lamar, Bryan Lester, Jared Lock, Richard Maier, Scott Marshall, James Masterson, Timothy McDonald, Kyle McPherson, Aaron Messmer, Aaron Monroe, Clayton Morgan, Mike Onyett, Seth Raetz, Tonya Rankin, Nathan Rice, William Huckleberry, Sammy Roberts, Tyler Schnell, Seth Scott, Travis Sitzman, Bryson Spears, Casey Sturgess, Jason Thomas, Travis Thomas, Warren Wolf, Brad Woodward, and Thomas Youngs. Also completing the training were, from Local 40, Charles South and Matt Ward; and from Local 667, Scott Tansey.

MOST Code trainers Ray Parrot and Jim Porter taught the class. MOST representative Tony Smarra provided technical support.