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C.W. Jones’ vision still going strong


C. W. Jones

OVER THE 60 YEARS Boilermakers have been holding summer seminars at the School for Workers, they’ve become an integral part of the Brotherhood’s training and leadership development. The program first began because of Charles W. Jones’ vision and passion for learning.

In 1956, Jones was working as a District Rep when he accepted a position at International as the Director of Research. One of the first things he did upon taking the position was to enroll in a class on collective bargaining being offered by School for Workers at the University of Wisconsin. He also wanted to see how the school operated, as he was considering using the school to train members on local lodge management.

The following year, the International arranged for School for Workers to conduct a weeklong class for Boilermakers in collective bargaining and union stewardship. Over the years, the curriculum has expanded, but Jones’ vision, that became a reality, still remains a vital piece of Boilermaker training.

Source: “Grace Under Pressure”

Reporter  V56N3
Published on the Web: December 5, 2017

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