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LEAP Issues

Boilermakers receive awards for CAF, LEF support

Pittsburgh Local 154 delegates accept the award for the highest CAF contribution by a local from Intl. Pres. Newton Jones (holding award), with IVP Sean Murphy (5th from right).

Money helps pro-worker candidates, builds strong member education

BOILERMAKERS WHO EXCELLED at raising money for CAF and LEF in 2009 received recognition during the annual LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., April 28. International President Newton B. Jones presented crystal “capitol dome” awards to vice-presidential sections and individual local lodges for exceptional performance.

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LEAP focuses on jobs

IP Newton Jones charges Republicans with blocking progress on critical issues.

IP Jones blasts GOP obstructionism

WITH UNEMPLOYMENT still hovering around 10 percent overall (and much higher in the construction industry), it was no surprise that jobs would be a primary focus during the LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., April 25-30. Presenters at the conference took aim at some of the underlying causes of job losses: Wall Street excesses, unfair trade, and partisanship on Capitol Hill.

In his opening remarks, International President Newton B. Jones blasted the GOP for holding up progress on economic recovery.

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Obama adds union-friendly candidates to NLRB

President sidesteps Senate obstructionists, makes recess appointments

ORGANIZED LABOR RECEIVED positive news March 27 when President Obama placed two union-friendly candidates on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Using a process known as recess appointments, the president circumvented Republican senators who had blocked confirmation votes for dozens of the Obama administration’s nominees, some for nearly six months.

DGA announces 2010 legislative issues

THE 111TH CONGRESS began full of optimism and hope for progress on the ambitious agenda outlined by President Obama in his inaugural speech. Unfortunately, a great deal of that optimism was quickly replaced by partisan bickering and legislative gridlock. Many of the initiatives on which the Boilermakers had hoped to achieve quick victories have fallen victim to Senate Republicans who were determined to deny the new president any legislative successes. But as the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy said, “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives.”

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L-169, L-199 rally for jobs

Four Local 169 members rally for construction jobs in Michigan last fall. L. to r., Josh Fuentes, Brandon Vermeesch, Neal Marsh, and Greg Webb.

Unions speak out in era of economic uncertainty

UNION MEMBERS ACROSS the country are making their voices heard when it comes to getting the work they need to support their families. Recently, Local 169 (Detroit) and Local 199 (Jacksonville, Fla.) took to the streets at rallies in their respective states.

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Locals  L-169, L-199

Joe Courtney is Legislator of the Year

Rep. Joe Courtney (D-2nd CT)

Congressman opposes health care tax, supports shipbuilding

REP. JOE COURTNEY (D-2nd CT) will receive the Boilermakers’ Legislator of the Year (LOY) award at the 42nd annual conference of the Legislative Education Action Program (LEAP) this April in Washington, D.C.

Political Affairs Director Bridget Martin said the award acknowledges Courtney’s exemplary efforts to support working men and women.

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Boilermakers rally for health care reform

Representing Local 13 are, l. to r., Mike Impagliazzo, lodge president; Jim Banford, BM-ST; and Bill Bradley, trustee.

MORE THAN TWO dozen Boilermakers took part in a rally for health care reform on Capitol Hill June 25. They joined thousands of activists from across the country — including many representing labor unions — in demanding that Congress fix the broken health care system. President Barack Obama has proposed major revisions in order to contain cost and make health care available to all Americans.

Representing the Boilermakers were Local 13 (Philadelphia), Local 45 (Richmond, Va.), and Local 85 (Toledo, Ohio).

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Locals  L-13, L-45, L-85

Members of Congress join delegates at reception

Hawaii Sen. Daniel Akaka, third from right, with (l. to r.) IR Dave Bunch; Dir. of Political Affairs Bridget Martin; Gary Aycock, L-627; Keola Martin, L-90; and IVP Warren Fairley.

Boilermakers build relationships with legislators

DELEGATES TO THE 41st annual LEAP conference welcomed legislators, congressional aides, and other guests to the Boilermakers’ congressional reception March 18 to continue the work of building good relationships.

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