Members of Congress join delegates at reception

Hawaii Sen. Daniel Akaka, third from right, with (l. to r.) IR Dave Bunch; Dir. of Political Affairs Bridget Martin; Gary Aycock, L-627; Keola Martin, L-90; and IVP Warren Fairley.

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Boilermakers build relationships with legislators

DELEGATES TO THE 41st annual LEAP conference welcomed legislators, congressional aides, and other guests to the Boilermakers’ congressional reception March 18 to continue the work of building good relationships.

Relationship-building is an ongoing process for good reason. The life of a member of Congress is frenzied, and constituents from many walks of life compete for their time and attention. Boilermakers who are active politically do their best to stay in touch with legislators, whether the elected representatives are in their state offices, in their U.S. House or Senate offices, or in non-official settings like the reception. Congressional aides are an important link to legislators. Aides keep current with the many issues and bills being considered and advise members of Congress on constituent interests.

“Face time” with legislators and aides — even if it’s only five or 10 minutes — helps delegates get to know them much more effectively than does, say, a phone call, letter, or e-mail.

The Boilermakers’ annual congressional reception also helps legislators, government officials, and officials from other unions learn more about who we are, and what is important to our members and their families. Making friends on Capitol Hill is essential to keeping our issues in front of those who make the laws.