LEAP awards ‘superstar’ status to 56

First-ever award praises volunteers who excel at political action

FIFTY-SIX “SUPERSTARS” received special recognition at the 2009 LEAP conference for their exceptional political activism. These Boilermakers have excelled at fund raising, getting out the vote, building political ties, and other efforts designed to support worker-friendly candidates and promote Boilermaker goals.

“Whether it was driving the Boilermaker RV, flying the Boilermaker blimp, staffing phone banks, knocking on doors, attending rallies, or other activities, these members truly went above and beyond the call for our union,” said Bridget Martin, Director of Political Affairs.

“On behalf of the Executive Council, I thank all of you,” Intl. Pres. Newton B. Jones told the group. “All of you put your shoulder to the wheel this election cycle. It was a fantastic win for us!”

The superstars include Lester Begay and Casey Tibbs, L-4 (Page, Ariz.); Juan Garcia, L-6 (Oakland, Calif.); Bob Winger, L-11 (Helena, Mont.); Bill Bradley, L-13 (Philadelphia); Fred Chamberlain and Dave Gaillard, L-19 (Philadelphia); Joe Birolini, L-29 (Boston); Jeff Morris Jr., L-45 (Richmond, Va.); Arvil Tucker, L-69 (Little Rock, Ark.); Fred Keith, L-85 (Toledo, Ohio); Keola Martin and Larry Moore, L-90 (Pearl Harbor, Hawaii); Gary Fernandez, L-101 (Denver); Wyndham Sparling and Tom Lindsey, L-105 (Chillicothe, Ohio); Jerry “Mozzy” Maciejewski, L-107 (Milwaukee); Chuck Goodman, L-151 (Erie, Pa.); Keith Kelsch and Kevin Miller, L-154 (Pittsburgh); Bob Hutsell, L-169 (Detroit); Robert Haworth, L-177 (Green Bay, Wis.); Michael Jacobs and Keith Jones, L-193 (Baltimore); Carl Ferguson and Sydney McCullum, L-199 (Jacksonville, Fla.); and Marty King, L-237 (Hartford, Conn.).

Superstars also include Mark Keffeler, L-242 (Spokane, Wash.); Mike McMillin, L-363 (East St. Louis, Ill.); Steve Mantz, L-374 (Hammond, Ind.); James Barnes, L-433 (Tampa, Fla.); Diane Ehlers, L-449 (Sturgeon Bay, Wis.); Bill Classon, L-487 (Kewaunee, Wis.); Tom Woods, L-502 (Tacoma, Wash.); Gary Aycock, L-627 (Phoenix); B.B. Smith, L-667 (Charleston, W.Va.); David Impson, L-687 (Charleston Heights, S.C.); Anthony McGee, L-693 (Pascagoula, Miss.); Steve Gromala, L-696 (Marinette, Wis.); James McManamon, L-744 (Cleveland); Dave Schofield, L-920 (Portsmouth, N.H.); Bill Coleman, L-1620 (Portland, Ind.); Patricia Collins and Anne Jackson, L-1814 (Bridge City, La.); Joe Basham, L-D209 (Speed, Ind.); Steve Martin, L-D432 (Camden, N.J.); Fred Birkhold, L-M301 (Edgerton, Ohio); Martin Spencer, SAIP; John Chapman, AD-ISO; and Intl. Reps Dave Bunch, David Lawrence, Bill Staggs, Jim Cooksey, Phil Evans, Len Gunderson, and Ronny Vanscoy.