Letters to the Editor

Bill “Fuzzy” Wilts, L-175 retiree

Widow grateful for Boilermaker support

My husband, William E. Vincent Jr. [a member of Local 83, Kansas City, Mo.], passed away Nov. 17, 2009. He was a Boilermaker for 27 years. I wish to sincerely thank all the Boilermakers who donated to the collection to help us.

It is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Debra Vincent
Lumberton, Texas

L-175’s Wiltsie enjoys retirement

I had to write and say how proud I am to be a retired union Boilermaker out of Local 175 (Oswego, N.Y). My grandfather emigrated from Ireland and became a Boilermaker on the railroad. My Uncle Ray got his Boilermaker book firing a boiler on a tug in the harbor, and my father, Ral, was a great Boilermaker and hero of mine who helped teach a lot of my friends and buddies the trade.

I started boilermaking in 1971 and had to retire after a fall in 1999. It broke my heart to leave what I loved to do. If it wasn’t for the Boilermakers being there when I got hurt, I don’t know what would have happened. We have an awesome retirement plan and annuity. Thanks to the Boilermakers, there is life after retirement.

Bill “Fuzzy” Wiltsie
L-175 retiree
Oswego, N.Y.

L-191’s Fitzpatrick appreciates union

SINCE TAKING OFFICE in July 2008, I have witnessed the Brotherhood’s tremendous support mechanism. Recently, when Local 191 [Victoria, British Columbia] was asked to participate in a career fair by the Department of National Defense involving 500-600 students, the International headquarters immediately responded to my request for handouts, which included an excellent visual concept about the Boilermakers union.

Brother Joe Maloney, our International Vice President for Western Canada, and Brother Richard MacIntosh, our rep for the West Coast, have also been there whenever I have called upon them. We are fortunate to have such excellent leadership. I am so thankful to belong to an organization that really cares.

Jim Fitzpatrick
L-191 BM-ST
Victoria, British Columbia