New contract summaries

A brief listing of recent agreements signed and ratified by Boilermaker local lodges

National Transient Lodge

Effective Aug. 11, 2007 to July 10, 2008, for 32 members of the National Transient Lodge who manufacture tanks and tank systems for the grain processing industry at the Winbco Tank Company in Ottumwa, Iowa. Winbco is a custom manufacturer of tanks, pressure vessels, columns, and equipment for use in the food, grain, ethanol, hydrocarbon, chemical, power, wastewater, fruit juice, and brewing industries.

Local 1 — Chicago

Effective July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2010, for members of Local 1, Chicago, who perform repair work for the Boiler & Tank Contractors of Illinois.

Local M3 — Cleveland

Effective May 15, 2007 to May 15, 2010, for 15 members of Local M3, Cleveland, who work at Packer Rustproof.

Local 5 — New York

Effective April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2010, for five members of Local 5, New York, who work at Cardinal Tank Corp., and effective June 1, 2007 to May 31, 2010, for three Local 5 members who work at ROJO Mechanical.

Local 6 — Oakland, Calif.

Effective March 1, 2007 to March 1, 2008, for 48 members of Local 6, Oakland, Calif., who manufacture semi-truck trailers at Beall Trailers of California in Turlock, Calif.; effective July 15, 2007 to July 15, 2010, for 14 Local 6 members who fabricate structured steel at Capitol Iron Works in Sacramento, Calif.; effective July 15, 2007 to July 15, 2010, for 17 Local 6 members who fabricate and repair dump trailers at the Cleasby Manufacturing Co. in San Francisco; and effective July 16, 2007 to July 15, 2010, for 42 Local 6 members who fabricate food processing packaging & systems at Heat and Control Inc. in Hayward, Calif.

Local S20 — Louisville, Ky.

Effective Dec. 9, 2006 to Dec. 8, 2010, for 170 members of Local S20, Louisville, Ky., who manufacture heaters at Louisville Tin & Stove. Louisville Tin & Stove was incorporated in 1888 as a manufacturer of tin ware and stove pipe. They evolved into a full-scale oil, wood, coal, and gas stove manufacturer and wholesaler and now produce gas heating equipment under the brand name of Cozy.

Local M24 — Kokomo, Ind.

Effective Nov. 15, 2006 to Nov. 14, 2009 for 160 members of Local M24, Kokomo, Ind., who manufacture flower vases for Syndicate Sales Inc., and effective Jan. 1, 2007 to Dec. 31, 2009, for 20 Local M24 members who make auto parts for Williamson Polishing & Plating Co. Inc.

Local 37 — New Orleans

Effective August 1, 2007 to July 31, 2010, for 17 members of Local 37, New Orleans, who work in the shop and perform marine repair at the Buck Kreihs Co.

Local M68 — Cincinnati

Effective Dec. 8, 2005 to Dec. 1, 2008 for 18 members of Local M68, Cincinnati, who manufacture auto parts for Varland Metal Service Inc. Founded in 1946, Varland provides electro-plating services for various products, including appliance trim, plumbing hardware, and automotive parts.

Local D75 — Fredonia, Kan.

Effective May 1, 2007 to April 30, 2012 for 63 members of Local D75, Fredonia, Kan., who make cement for Lafarge North America. Lafarge is the largest diversified supplier of construction materials in the U.S. and Canada, producing cement, ready-mixed concrete, gypsum wallboard, aggregates, asphalt, and related products and services for residential, commercial, and public works construction projects across North America.

Local 83 — Kansas City, Mo.

Effective June 1, 2007 to May 31, 2008, for members of Local 83, Kansas City, Mo., who produce and repair low-pressure boilers for the C.G. Johnson Boiler Co.; and effective Sept. 1, 2007 to Aug. 31, 2010, for three Local 83 members who repair boilers for the Plibrico Co. (formerly known as the Plibrico Sales & Service Co.)

Local D92 — Bellefonte, Pa.

Effective June 1, 2006 to May 31, 2011, for 125 members of Local D92, Bellefonte, Pa., who work in maintenance and the production of lime at Graymont Inc.

Local 104 — Seattle

Effective Feb. 5, 2007 to Feb. 7, 2010, for 18 members of Local 104, Seattle, who manufacture commercial and residential water heaters at the A.O. Smith Corporation.

Local 112 — Mobile, Ala.

Effective June 16, 2007 to June 15, 2010 for six members of Local 112, Mobile, Ala., who make chemical barrels for Greif Inc., and effective Sept. 1, 2007 to Sept. 1, 2009, for 21 Local 112 members who work at Mitternight Boiler Works Inc. Products of Greif Inc., a manufacturer of industrial packaging, include shipping containers and materials, such as fibre, steel, and plastic drums, multi-wall bags, and other related items. Mitternight, a dockside steel repair shop, manufactures vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, chemical reactors, distillation columns, jacketed tanks, scrubbers for coal-fired power plants, mixers, and refinery equipment.

Local D173 — Wampum, Pa.

Effective May 1, 2007 to April 31, 2013, for 114 members of Local D173, Wampum, Pa., who work in maintenance and the production of portland and slag cement at Cemex Cement.

Local D277 — Bamberton, B.C.

Effective May 1, 2007 to April 31, 2011, for 77 members of Local D277, Bamberton, British Columbia, who work in maintenance and the production of cement at Lehigh Northwest Cement Ltd.

Local M301 — Edgerton, Ohio

Effective Dec. 1, 2006 to June 30, 2010, for 70 members of Local M301, Edgerton, Ohio, who forge lug wrenches and stabilizer bars at Edgerton Forge Inc.

Local D335 — Essexville, Mich.

Effective May 1, 2007 to May 1, 2011, for 33 members of L-D335, Essexville, Mich., who work in maintenance and production at Essroc Cement.

Local D342 — Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Effective June 3, 2007 to June 2, 2011, for seven members of Local D342, Plattsburgh, N.Y., who produce asphalt and concrete at Potsdam Stone & Concrete, a division of Graymont Materials.

Local D361 — Nelson, Ariz.

Effective Feb. 12, 2007 to Feb. 14, 2011, for 50 members of Local D361, Nelson, Ariz., who work in the production and maintenance departments of the Chemical Lime Co. Founded in 1966, the company produces lime and soil-stabilization products.

Local D472 — Alpena, Mich.

Effective May 1, 2007 to April 30, 2012, for 43 members of Local D472, Alpena, Mich., who work in the design and manufacturing of brick and block making machinery at the Besser Company.

Local D486 — New Westminster, B.C.

Effective June 15, 2007 to June 14, 2009, for members of Local D486, New Westminster, British Columbia, who make gypsum wallboard at Georgia Pacific. A manufacturer and supplier of chemical additives for the paper-making process, Georgia Pacific has over 300 facilities in North America, South America, and Europe.

Local 647 — Minneapolis

Effective May 1, 2007 to April 30, 2010, for 150 members of Local 647, Minneapolis, who make stainless steel vessels at DCI Inc., and effective June 25, 2007 to June 27, 2010, for 162 Local 647 members who make electrical power poles for the Thomas & Betts Corp (TNB). DCI, an employee-owned company, is a world leader in the manufacturing and servicing of stainless steel storage and processing tanks for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries. TNB is one of North America’s leading providers of highly-engineered, tubular steel structures used for utility transmission and distribution.

Local 659 — Warren, Pa.

Effective June 1, 2007 to May 31, 2010, for 45 members of Local 659, Warren, Pa., who make tanks for CB&I Constructors.

Local 693 — Pascagoula, Miss.

Effective March 4, 2007 to March 7, 2010, for 1,250 members of Local 693, Pascagoula, Miss., who work at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems. Northrop is one of the nation’s leading full service systems companies for the design, engineering, construction, and life cycle support of major surface ships for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and international navies, and for commercial vessels of all types.

Local 1247 — Chicago

Effective Nov. 22, 2007 to Nov. 22, 2010, for 140 members of Local 1247, Chicago, who make space shuttle components and Boeing landing gears at A. Finkl & Sons. A world-leading supplier of forging die steels, plastic mold steels, die casting tool steels, and custom open-die forgings, A.J. Finkl & Sons processes over 100,000 tons of steel each year.

Local 1255 — Chicago

Effective Feb. 11, 2007 to Feb. 6, 2011, for 200 members of Local 1255, Chicago, who make forgings at Klein Tools Inc., and effective Feb. 11, 2007 to Feb. 6, 2011, for 56 Local 1255 members who make forgings at Turnkey Forgings and Design. Klein Tools manufactures non-powered hand tools and occupational protective equipment for trade professionals. Turnkey Forgings is a subsidiary of Klein Tools.

Local 1600 — St. Charles, Ill.

Effective April 1, 2007 to April 2, 2010, for 25 members of Local 1600, St. Charles, Ill., who make water purification equipment at Walker Process Equipment, a division of the McNish Corp. In business for over 50 years, Walker is an equipment supplier to the water and wastewater industries.

Local 1622 — Alliance, Ohio

Effective Oct. 3, 2007 to Oct. 3, 2012, for 40 members of Local 1622, Alliance, Ohio, who work at T&W Stamping. T&W’s precision stampings and welded assemblies are found in products engineered for heavy-duty truck, bus, aerospace, and marine applications, and are used by manufacturers of off-highway and agricultural equipment. T&W also produces a variety of components for use in the defense and food processing industries.

Local 1626 — Champaign, Ill.

Effective Sept. 24, 2007 to Sept. 24, 2011, for 52 members of Local 1626, Champaign, Ill., who work at the Clifford Jacobs Forging Co., a manufacturer of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel closed and impression die forgings.

Local 1702 — Canton, Ohio

Effective July 1, 2007 to July 1, 2009, for members of Local 1702, Canton, Ohio, who work at the Ohio Metal Working Products Co.

Local 1704 — Euclid, Ohio

Effective June 5, 2007 to June 5, 2010, for 70 members of Local 1704, Euclid, Ohio, who work at the Linderme Tube Co. Founded in 1927, Linderme specializes in the manufacture of small diameter, seamless copper, copper-base alloys, and drawn aluminum tubing to precise specifications. The tubing is produced in straight lengths, cut to length, or coiled in a wide range of tempers and special tolerances.

Local 1814 — Bridge City, La.

Effective March 4, 2007 to March 7, 2010, for 553 members of Local 1814, Bridge City, La., who work for Northrop Grumman Ship Systems. Headquartered in Pascagoula, Miss., Northrop is a full-service shipyard for naval and commercial vessels of all types.