Northeast, Great Lakes hold area competitions

Great Lakes area contestants include, l. to r.: Matthew Conaway, L-744; winner Joseph Garfield, L-107; runner-up William Sumner, L-374; Steven Kotyuk, L-1; and John Weinhandl, L-647.

Williamson and Cook win Northeast; Garfield and Sumner win Great Lakes

THE NORTHEAST AND Great Lakes apprentice areas held their annual competitions jointly May 21-24 at Local 13 (Philadelphia) facilities in Newportsville, Pa. Locals 13 and 28 (Newark, N.J.) hosted the event.

John Williamson of Local 154 (Pittsburgh) and David Cook of Local 197 (Albany, N.Y.) placed first and second in the Northeast Area Boilermaker Apprentice Program (NEABAP) competition.

Joseph Garfield of Local 107 (Milwaukee) and William Sumner of Local 374 (Hammond, Ind.) placed first and second in the Great Lakes Area Boilermaker Apprentice Program (GLABAP) competition.

The winners went on to represent their areas in the national contest in Kansas City Sept. 23-27.

Also competing in the NEABAP contest were Krishna Ramphal, L-5 (New York); Jason Siuta, L-7 (Buffalo, N.Y.); Preston Penick, L-13; Daniel Campbell, L-28; Jade Aube, L-29 (Boston); and Daniel Sanders, L-237 (Hartford, Conn.).

Other contestants competing in the GLABAP event were Steven Kotyuk, Local 1 (Chicago); John Weinhandl, Local 647 (Minneapolis); and Matthew Conaway, Local 744 (Cleveland).

Union judges for the NEABAP contest were Nick Gushue, Local 13 instructor; Robert Heine, Intl. Rep; Phil Hornberger, Local 197 instructor; Dennis Mellon, retired Local 13 Business Agent; Ray Orsi, Local 154 instructor; Bob Pandori, Local 197 instructor; Charlie Riegg, Local 28 instructor; and Mike Stanton, Local 154 instructor. Contractor judges included Mike Bray, Shelby Mechanical Inc.; John Cammuso, Lurgi-Lentjes N.A.; Peter Carey, Boiler Erection & Repair Co.; Dick Manjone, Chicago Bridge & Iron; and Matthew Schmitt, Simakas Brothers Co.

Union judges for GLABAP included Pat Stefancin, Intl. Rep, and Robert Schwartz, Local 1 Asst. Business Agent. Contractor judges for GLABAP were Joe Fisher, Enerfab; Ron Brian, Morrison Construction; and Don Placko, Hayes Mechanical.

In 2008, the Great Lakes and Northeast area competition will again be hosted by Locals 13 and 28 at Local 13 facilities.