Lodge training highlights

Members from three cement lodges receive steward training in Martinsburg, W.V., in September.

These lodges recently took advantage of training opportunities.

CLGAW lodges train stewards

ON SEPT. 13, three CLGAW Division lodges — D208 and D271 in Martinsburg, W.V., and D533 in Hagerstown, Md. — combined resources to provide a steward training class in Martinsburg. Through International Rep Mark Kelly, they arranged for the regional office of the U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) to send one of their trainers.

Gary Eder, an FMCS steward trainer from the Hanover, Md., office, led the session. Participating in the class were the following Boilermaker members: from D208, David Houck, Howard Mann, Gary Ballard, Bill James, Ron Wood, and Eric Harding; from D271, Neal Bishop; and from D533, Jeannie Snyder, Boyd McKinsey, Timothy Grove, Ken Bowman, Roger Murphy, John Chaney, Barb Hart, and Tony Carline.

FMCS is a federal agency that provides mediation and arbitration services. Their stated mission is “to improve labor-management relations, promote collective bargaining, and enhance organizational effectiveness.” FMCS provides steward training at no charge. Local lodges interested in using this source for steward training should contact their International rep.

Keystone Council trains financial officers

ON SEPT. 20, the Pennsylvania Keystone State Industrial Council sponsored a day-long training session for local lodge financial officers. Director of Education & Training Services Donald Caswell and Administrative Assistant to the Director of Research and Collective Bargaining Services Jackie Judy led the session, which was held at the Local 154 (Pittsburgh) union hall.

The class covered the duties of the secretary-treasurer and trustees, good record-keeping practices, legal responsibilities, and how trustees should conduct their quarterly audit.

Participants included Brett and Matt Corvin, Robert Hopkins, and Thomas Jurik, Local 906 (Donora, Pa.); Charles Goodman, Local 151 (Erie, Pa.); Robert S. Eversole, Randy Hackett, Bryan D. Lutz, and Richard Williamson, Local D173 (Wampum, Pa.); Steve Martin and Antonio Sherman, Local D432 (Camden, N.J.); Doreen Wallace, Local P4 (Youngstown, Ohio); and Harry P. Williams, Local 87 (West Chester, Pa.).

GLAIC provides newsletter training

FOLLOWING THEIR FALL business meeting Oct. 26 in Elkhorn, Wisc., members of local lodges in the Great Lakes Area Industrial Council participated in a half-day session on how to create a local lodge newsletter. Donald Caswell talked to the group about staffing, legal, financial, and editorial planning requirements associated with newsletter publishing.

Attending the class were Todd Pratt and Scott Setchell, Local D81 (Dixon, Ill.); Vicki Freitag, Local M94 (Elkhorn, Wisc.); Steven Michael Damm, Local 158 (Peoria, Ill.); Paul Yatsko, Local M300 (Aurora, Ind.); Kelly Hounshell and Arland D. Robinson, Local 524 (East Chicago, Ind.); Robert Wilcox, Local 1255 (Chicago); and Doug Hudzinski, Jeff Latus, Charles Sandor, and Daniel Seng, Local 1509 (Cudahy, Wisc.).