IEC confirms Warren Fairley as IVPAL - Industrial Sector

IVP Warren Fairley

BY UNANIMOUS VOTE of the International Executive Council (IEC), Warren Fairley was named the International Vice President-at-Large - Industrial Sector, effective Oct. 24. In his role as IVP-IS, Fairley will support the regional vice presidents in their servicing of our industrial sector lodges (shipbuilding, railroad, cement, stove, and metal) and will serve as an advocate for these members on the IEC.

Through IVP Fairley, industrial sector lodges will have another voice and vote on the Executive Council, in addition to their regional International vice president.

The Council voted to establish the position on the occasion of the untimely death of International Vice President at-Large Othal Smith on Oct. 16. Delegates to the 31st Consolidated Convention gave the IEC the authority to reassign lodge jurisdiction in order to serve members better while reducing administrative expenses. The creation of this position accomplishes that end. IVP Fairley will retain his roles as Director of Shipbuilding and Marine Division and Executive Assistant to the International President and will continue to work from his office in Chapel Hill, N.C. Smith’s office has been closed.

IVP-IS Fairley will be the Brotherhood’s principal liaison with the Metal Trades Department, Transportation Trades Department, and other AFL-CIO affiliate structures that serve industrial unions. He will also continue the union’s labor advocacy work on the international stage as the Brotherhood’s representative to the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions (ICEM).

Fairley began his Boilermaker career when he joined Local 693 (Pascagoula, Miss.) in 1990 and worked in the rigging department at Ingalls Shipbuilding. He was elected L-693 business manager in 1996, and became an International rep at the completion of his term. In 2003 he was made assistant to the International president and assistant director of the Shipbuilding Division.

One month later, he was promoted deputy director of that division, and in 2005 became executive assistant to the International president and director of both the Shipbuilding & Marine Services Division and research and collective bargaining services. He relinquished his duties as research director one year later.