Father and son work together as TIG welding partners

Corey Gannon (r.) joins his father, Jerry Gannon, as his TIG welding partner at the Bowater Pulp Mill. Both are members of Local 555 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

JERRY GANNON, A 26-year member of Local 555, Winnipeg, Manitoba, got to work with his son, Cory, for the very first time. Cory, who joined Local 555 in June 2000, teamed up with his father as his TIG welding partner while working at the Bowater Pulp Mill in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The team welded wall tube joints on a soot blower opening for a recovery boiler while working at the facility.

According to L-555 Business Rep Darrell Bray, Jerry was “very impressed with the quality of work his son was doing,” and Cory said the “‘ol man ain’t so bad himself.”

And Bray says Jerry has another, very promising soon-to-be journeyman Boilermaker son by the name of Lindsay Gannon. Lindsay is an apprentice out of Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario).