Reception draws D.C. mix to Boilermaker gathering

Annual reception attracts legislators, officials, labor leaders

2008 LEAP reception photo gallery

EACH YEAR THE LEAP conference hosts a special event designed for one purpose: to bring together legislators, government officials, labor leaders, and others in the “D.C. mix” who play a role in the welfare of our members and their families.

The legislative reception offers an opportunity to mingle, to start up a new relationship, or to strengthen an existing one. Boilermaker delegates meet with their representatives (or legislator staffs) outside the reception area for photographs and escort them into the ballroom to share food, spirits, and conversation.

The importance of this annual event cannot be overestimated, for some day those same politicians will be voting on issues of vital importance to labor in general and the Boilermakers in particular. The strength of the relationships our delegates build with their elected representatives may well be the difference between a negative outcome — or a positive one.

With so much at stake over trade, energy, the environment, the economy, good jobs, and so many other issues, it’s vital to have friends on Capitol Hill. And the legislative reception is all about building friendships.

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