L-128 members form society to help others

Members of the Bruce Society of Boilermakers include L-128 members, l. to r., Jim Watson, Kenny Kilday, Terry Keenan, Dan Greig, Gerry Burke, and Jim Barefoot.

Bruce Society of Boilermakers has raised over $20,000 for groups and individuals

WHEN MEMBERS OF Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario) learned that one of their members had a brain tumor, they collected money at the plant gate to help support him and planned a golf tournament to raise more funds. Their efforts were so successful they decided to continue their work by forming the Bruce Society of Boilermakers. They have since raised over $20,000 to help people in need.

The group is based loosely on the United Society of Boilermakers of 1834 in Great Britain. Its members meet monthly and help the community where they live in Bruce County, hence the name Bruce Society of Boilermakers.

“When Terry Keenan was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor, we all thought he was gone,” explained committee member Kenny Kilday. “But he has amazed everyone with his grit and determination not to allow this tumor to stand in his way. Our efforts to help him led to the formation of this committee.”

The members help both individuals and groups, recently donating $3,000 to a local skate park.

AIP and former Local 128 BM-ST Jim Tinney said the local has supported the group financially through floor motions and stood with them in their charitable endeavors.