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Boilermakers, Allegheny Energy partner on new training facility


IVP Sean Murphy (second from left) thanks those responsible for the new training facility at Allegheny Energy. L. to r., L-667 BM-ST George Pinkerman, IR Marty Stanton, and Generation Maintenance Director Tony Cantanese.

Power station dedicates new center to fast-track welding program

A COOPERATIVE EFFORT to increase training for union Boilermakers has led to the opening of a new learning facility at Allegheny Energy’s Harrison Power Station in Haywood, W.Va. A Jan. 17 dedication celebrated the joint effort between the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and Allegheny Energy, an investor-owned utility with over $3 billion in annual revenues and more than 4,000 employees.

Opened in January, the new center focuses on a fast-track welding program that includes standard plate, MIG, and TIG welding procedures. In addition, the OSHA 10-hour safety compliance training course and other instructional programs will be presented at the center through MOST (Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training), a labor-management trust.

“The need for skilled Boilermakers is urgent,” said L-667 (Charleston, W.Va.) Business Manager George Pinkerman. “We are working with our contractor and owner partners to meet their needs and continue Local 667’s ability to supply a skilled work force where needed. The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and Local 667 are committed to providing our employers with qualified and productive craftsmen.”

Training is available to apprentices and journeymen to increase their skills. Additionally, new recruits brought in through the MOST recruitment program will be evaluated for their skill levels and provided training accordingly.

Harrison power plant manager Kevin Geraghty was among the company representatives at the dedication, along with State Auditor Glen Gainer, and representatives from the office of West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin.

Geraghty commented on Allegheny Energy’s commitment to the community and its 75-year history of working with the Building and Construction Trades, especially the Boilermakers. “We value the partnership we have with our contractors and the Boilermakers,” Geraghty said.

Northeast Area International Vice President Sean Murphy also attended the event and commended Allegheny Energy for investing in the training facility. Murphy pledged to work with Allegheny to reach out to the local community through the MOST recruitment program, emphasizing that with improved skills, comes fair wages and benefits.

“I want to give special thanks to International President Newton B. Jones for his continued support of the area apprenticeship programs, and for his initiative in developing the MOST recruiting program,” Murphy said. “I also want to thank International Vice President Sam May, Southeast Area Apprenticeship Director Mike Peterson, and the apprenticeship trustees for their help in putting this program together.

“This program would not have been successful without the hard work of Intl. Rep Marty Stanton and MOST Recruiter Tony Smarra,” Murphy said, “due to their efforts with Allegheny Energy’s company and site representatives.”

Locals  L-667
Reporter  V47N2
Published on the Web: July 2, 2008

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