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Locals award service pins


Marvin Lloyd Haines, L-92, 60-Year Member

Local 40 — Elizabethtown

RAY PARROTT, BM-ST of Local 40, Elizabethtown, Ky., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

60 YEARS – Marvin F. Salsbury, Alfred B. Smith;
55 YEARS – David J. Bishop, Connis H. Mercer, Donald E. Shumaker, Owen D. Simmons, C.E. Smith;
50 YEARS – Jerry C. Daugherty, Melvin Jeffords;
45 YEARS – James R. Lyons, James H. Spaulding, Robert R. Suttles;
40 YEARS – David H. Arnold, Perry L. Arnold, Vincent A. Bell, Roger D. Bratcher, Thomas W. Colvin, Alvin L. Dukes, Roy S. Gossett, Lonnie N. Guntharp, Joe W. Hopper, Garmon D. Kulmer, James Mannahan, Bobby H. Miller, Cecil L. Robinson, Dennis R. Ross;
35 YEARS – James E. Adkins Jr., Randolph Adkins, Joseph A. Angelone, Charles L. Bivens, Randall B. Boggs, Jimmy R. Bond, Robert D. Boyken, Richard W. Bratcher, Buster Clevenger, John K. Colegrove, Albert C. Colvin Jr., Daniel B. Criswell, Martin W. Drake, Delbert R. Duncan, Samuel H. Elliott, Joseph A. Gilles, Gregory B. Glidden, Gary D. Jackson, Francis J. Linton, Stephen Logsdon, Donald H. Mathis, Bruce W. Moore, Robert Murray, Marvin D. Prater, Ronald L. Renfrow, Michael F. Sharp, Terry T. Smith, Harold E. Tussey, David M. Ward, David E. Wilcox, Johnny D. Withrow, Edwin G. Woosley, Robert D. Young;
30 YEARS – Timothy W. Adkins, James E. Arnett, James D. Boggs, Steven S. Coons, Barry Coppage, James M. Dotson, David W. Embry, William M. Falin II, Rickey H. Fentress, Donnie D. Flener, Lanny G. Fowler, Michael W. Hardin, Billy R. Harper, Issac E. Helton III, Kenneth J. Jackson, Kenneth W. Kays, Larry D. McGehee, Mike W. Neal, David K. Ogburn, Daniel R. Payton, James B. Rhoades, James E. Robertson, Louis J. Schanberger, Charles T. Smith, Boyd W. Suttles, Bobby W. Thomas, Paul R. Thomas, David W. Thurman, Danny E. Waggoner;
25 YEARS – Joel D. Daugherty, Jay A. Everett, Jeffrey L. Everly, Samuel G. Fulkerson, David W. Gossett, Robert E. Lee, William D. Logsdon, Joseph B. Mattingly, Brett A. Maupin, Donald L. McGuffin, Michael D. Mitchell, Byron K. Roberts, Todd S. Robinson, Clinton R. Sears, Don E. Thomas, Tony R. Young;
20 YEARS – Stephen C. Blissit, Rick Bridgmon, Jondal T. Burden Jr., Brett D. Denson, David R. Harlan, Jimmy D. Harris, Harry C. Hobdey Jr., Byron R. Maddox, Wyman L. Oller, Harold Glenn Riggs, Eric M. Ringstaff, Tommy Roach, Terry L. Welborn, Paul M. West; and
15 YEARS – Floyd C. Evans, Harold D. Gallion, Clay R. Harris, Jeffrey D. Harris, Jamie D. Holbrook, Benny D. Hopkins, Paul R. Johnson, Michael D. Lewis, Jerry McDavid, Lance Mercer, Calvin R. Minton, John A. Parsons, Mike Sexton, and Phillip D. Smith.

Local 92 — Los Angeles

EDWARD MARQUEZ, BM-ST of Local 92, Los Angeles, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

60 YEARS – Marvin Lloyd Haines.

Local 647 — Minneapolis

BERNARD HILLA, BM-ST of Local 647, Minneapolis, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

60 YEARS – Harvey J. Keefe;
40 YEARS – Robert A. Peterson;
35 YEARS – Richard C. Drolson, Norbert J. Frie, Leroy B. Goebel, Gary R. Holter, Arthur A. Kiffmeyer, Robert A. Kleve, Gerald W. Konrad, Benedict P. Lapos, Jeffrey S. McPheeters, Paul S. Pendergast, Anthony J. Pilles Sr., Garry D. Ragle, Leslie G. Rinerson, Harlan C. Rost, Gary D. Strand;
30 YEARS – James Labrec Jr., Jay C. Marshall, Gordon A. Sykora, Mark H. Wynn;
25 YEARS – Oscar E. Anderson, Raymond Bliese;
20 YEARS – Roger L. Barron, Bennie W. Eide, Daniel J. Geurts, Bahram Nikrad, Randy D. Schmidt, Bruce W. Sundin; and
15 YEARS – Jerry D. Ballensky, Glenn A. Knutson, Jason A. Kuechle, Marco Pfeifer, David P. Ruby, James L. Wolf.

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Published on the Web: October 17, 2008

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