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L-S200 members receive Can Do Spirit Awards for organizing


David Woodard, Thersa Myrick, and Terry Burk (l. to r.) accept a Can Do Spirit Award for their organizing efforts at Magic Aire.

Efforts to build membership in a right-to-work state are rewarded

AT THE JULY meeting of Local Lodge S200 (Wichita Falls, Texas), three members earned recognition for their in-plant organizing efforts at Magic Aire.

Terry Burk, Thersa Myrick, and David Woodard each received a Can Do Spirit Award. The awards, part of the Boilermakers’ in-plant organizing program, were created to recognize the efforts of members who try to get their nonunion co-workers to join the union at facilities where the Boilermakers already have collective bargaining rights with the company.

Texas is one of 22 states that does not allow union security contract language. Many workers in these states refuse to join the union that represents them.

But a union can be much more effective if all the workers join the union. The Boilermakers in-plant organizing program uses monetary incentives to encourage members to organize their co-workers. Organizers who excel also receive the Can Do Spirit Award.

Lodges interested in participating in the in-plant organizing program should contact Gary Prochnow at International headquarters.

Locals  L-S200
Reporter  V47N3
Published on the Web: September 22, 2008

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