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New film focuses on Boilermaker women

Wide Awake Films preps the camera to interview Angel Greer, L-549.

As part of the M.O.R.E. Work program’s Women’s Initiatives, a new film is in process to help recruit and retain more Boilermaker women—and help Boilermaker men understand their sisters better.

The film aims to interview a variety of Boilermaker women throughout the United States and Canada to address a three-pronged goal:

  • Show the diversity of the Boilermakers’ female members.
  • Tell the story of the challenges Boilermaker women face on the job.
  • Help Boilermaker brothers (and sisters) better understand how to advocate for Boilermaker women.

So far, Boilermakers have been interviewed at L-549 (Pittsburg, California) and L-92 (Los Angeles), and plans are to continue working with business managers to strategically coordinate interviews over the coming months, as time permits.

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Published April 14, 2022

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