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Locals award service pins


L-37 (NEW ORLEANS) MEMBER GARY WEILAND, third from left, receives his 40-year pin from David L.Hegeman, District Manager of District 5. Also pictured are, far left, Perry Picou, L-37 president, and, second from left, Lionel Hanna, L-37 BM-ST.

Local 1 • Chicago

JOHN SKERMONT, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

45 YEARS — Kenneth Maddox, Robert L. Maus; and
35 YEARS — Frank M. Koteles, Jeffrey J. Murphy, Michael P. Murphy.

Local 40 • Elizabethtown, Ky.

MICHAEL AUTRY, BM-ST of Local 40, Elizabethtown, Ky., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

60 YEARS — David J. Bishop, Connis H. Mercer, Clarence E. Smith;
55 YEARS — Jerry C. Daugherty, Elmer L. Henderson Jr., Melvin L. Jeffords;
50 YEARS — Avery L. Carter, James R. Lyons, James H. Spaulding, Robert R. Suttles;
45 YEARS — David H. Arnold, Perry L. Arnold, Roger D. Bratcher, Thomas W. Colvin, Roy S. Gossett, Joe W. Hopper, Garmon Dennis Kulmer, James Mannahan, Bobby H. Miller, Cecil L. Robinson, Dennis R. Ross, Donald P. Whitaker;
40 YEARS — James E. Adkins Jr., Randolph L. Adkins, Joseph A. Angelone, Randall B. Boggs, Tommy R. Brown, Robert D. Boyken, Richard W. Bratcher, Buster Clevenger, John K. Colegrove, Albert C. Colvin Jr., Daniel B. Criswell, Martin W. Drake, Delbert R. Duncan, Joseph A. Gilles, Gregory B. Glidden, Gary D. Jackson, Francis J. Linton, Stephen Logsdon, Donald H. Mathis, Bruce (Woodson) Moore, Robert Murray, Marvin D. Prater, Michael F. Sharp, Terry T. Smith, Harold E. Tussey, David E. Wilcox, Johnny D. Withrow, Edwin G. Woosley, Robert D. Young;
35 YEARS — Timothy W. Adkins, James E. Arnett, James D. Boggs, Timothy N. Bosley, Barry Coppage, Barry L. Daugherty, James M. Dotson, David W. Embry, William M. Falin, II, Rickey H. Fentress, Donnie D. Flener, Lanny G. Fowler, Michael W. Hardin, Billy R. Harper, Issac E. Helton, III, Kenneth J. Jackson, Kenneth W. Kays, Larry D. McGehee, Michael M. Moore, Mike W. Neal, David K. Ogburn, Daniel R. Payton, James B. Rhoades, Ronald L. Rice, James E. Robertson, Louis J. Schanberger, Anthony Sears, Charles "Tim" Smith, Boyd W. Suttles, Bobby W. Thomas, David W. Thurman, Danny E. Waggoner;
30 YEARS — Joel D. Daugherty, Jay A. Everett, Jeffrey L. Everly, Samuel G. Fulkerson, David W. Gossett, Kerry C. Holbrook, Robert E. Lee, William D. Logsdon, Joseph B. Mattingly Jr., Brett A. Maupin, Donald L. McGuffin, Michael D. Mitchell, Byron K. Roberts, Todd S. Robinson, Clinton R. Sears, Dwight E. Thompson, Tony R. Young;
25 YEARS — Brett D. Denson, Louis V. Etherton, Jimmy D. Harris, Harry C. Hobdey Jr., Eric M. Ringstaff;
20 YEARS — Steven A. Colllins, Floyd C. Evans, Harold "David" Gallion, Clay R. Harris, William Heep, Jeffrey D. Hester, Jamie D. Holbrook, Benny Hopkins, Paul Ray Johnson, Michael D. Lewis, Jerry McDavid, Lance Mercer, Calvin R. Minton, Jay T. Rhoades, Mike Sexton; and 15 YEARS — Rodney K. Adams, Eric V. Atcher, James Blair, Jeremy L. Bryant, James T. Burton II, Mike Cochran, Michael L. Coy, Billy G. Denson, Gregory A. Flaugher, J. Brian Garrett, Thomas W. Glisson, Larry E. Gollihue, Scott W. James, Bernard V. Logsdon Jr., Eric N. Potts, William E. Prow, Jeremy E. Reedy, David W. Richerson, James E. Sagraves, Cortney W. Sweet, Jeffrey A. Veach, Samuel C. Vincent.

Local 433 • Tampa, Fla.

JAMES BARNES JR., BM-ST of Local 433, Tampa, Fla., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

55 YEARS — Sharkey Collins Sr.;
40 YEARS — Herbert Cox, Mitchell Dykes; and
30 YEARS — William T. Adair.

Local 1702 • Alliance, Ohio

THOMAS W. CAMPBELL, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 1702, Alliance, Ohio, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

35 YEARS — Wayne Butterfield, Kenneth Mark Jr.; and
30 YEARS — Thomas Campbell.

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Locals  L-1, L-40, L-433, L-1702
Reporter  V52N1
Published on the Web: April 16, 2013

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