Steward's Sourcebook

Articles to help stewards do a better job

These articles have been taken from past issues of the Boilermaker Reporter.

What to Do When a Member Demands Arbitration

Without clear guidelines, many lodges end up arbitrating more grievances than they should.

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Build your case on good evidence

Your job as a steward is to find that evidence wherever your grievance investigation takes you.

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Five Common Grievance Issues

Five common grievance situations and suggestions for how to approach them.

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Defending grievances involving violence or threats

Protecting your members means ensuring they are not disciplined unfairly, but it might also mean finding a way to protect them from someone with anger issues.

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When you’re going into a grievance meeting where differing opinions of the facts of the case may be aired, it’s a good idea to avoid name-calling.

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Conducting an Investigation

Employing a few basic strategies can improve your investigations and thereby improve your chances of winning.

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Settling Problems Before They Become Grievances

Some tips on how you can successfully solve problems in your unit without actually filing a grievance

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The Reasonable Person Standard

Arbitrators consider how a prudent person might be expected to behave Read More

Information requests are a valuable tool

They can be used for more than just gathering facts Read More

Credibility is the key to success

Stewards with credibility are more likely to negotiate good outcomes for their grievants. Read More


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