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Locals award service pins

Service pins announced in the Spring 2024 Boilermaker Reporter

The following pins have been presented in recognition of continuous years of service in the Boilermakers union as reported by local lodge leadership.

Note: Local lodge leaders can now submit service pins for fulfillment and inclusion in The Reporter here.

Local 1 • Chicago IL

  • 55 YEARS — James Hagan, Robert Schwartz
  • 45 YEARS — Edward Ryan
  • 35 YEARS — Joseph Natzke
  • 30 YEARS — Larry Combs, Larry Gould, James Perrin
  • 25 YEARS — Steven Balsten, Thomas Donegan, Edward Downs, Patrick Summers, Michael Rothgeb, Joseph Wilhelm, Sr.
  • 20 YEARS — Rosalio Rodriguez

Local 4 • Page AZ

  • 50 YEARS — Robert Doty, Richard Lockyear, Bill McCall, Rocky Pearce, Gary Tibbs
  • 35 YEARS — Kurt Hererra
  • 25 YEARS — Christopher C. Josley, Kimberlyn Nockideneh, Lorado Yazzie
  • 20 YEARS — Lolita Nez
  • 15 YEARS — Gerald Lake, Dale Sandberg

Local 40 • Elizabethtown KY

  • 60 YEARS — Gary B. Dorris, Vernon F. Hardeman, William L. Meredith, James R. Perry
  • 55 YEARS — Hubert E. Calloway, Roy M. Day, James E. Donhoff, Wendell Embry, Craig L. Haney, Kenneth J. Jarrett, Jerry W. Jones, John T. Suttles, Freddie R. Young, Rudy L. Young
  • 50 YEARS — Dennis L. Bartley, David M. Bishop, James T. Newman, James E. Patrick, Johnny M. Reedy, Thomas Richardson, Harold Glenn Riggs, Eric Rittman, Willis R. Rogers, Robert Stevens, Bruce W. Stinnett, F C Thompson
  • 45 YEARS — Jimmy D. Arnold, William Bruner Jr., Roger D. Criswell, Todd M. Hardin, Richard D. Johnson, Stephen E. King, Charles B. Patton, James E. Porter, Gerald W. Reed, Gerald D. Sloas, Ronald C. Street, Michael A. Young
  • 40 YEARS — Randy E. Bailey, Steven R. Carter, Joseph N. Demarsh, Benny R. Green, Brian F. Head, Philip S. Rose
  • 35 YEARS — Harold Bush, Jeanette Calloway, John S. Clevenger, Mark S. Coleman, Billy Joe Collins, Douglas R. Collins, Paul Crisp, Don W. Embry, Mark S. Embry, Gregory A. Flaugher, Jeffrey Flaugher, Kendall M. Flaugher, David A. Gee, Thomas R. Gollihue, Jeffery M. Greer, Glenn T. McDavid, Mark D. McDavid, Keith Ratcliff, Robert R. Ratcliff, William A. Ratcliff, Charles L. South, Johnny D. Tackett, Stacey D. Tackett, Billy Joe Thomas Jr., William D. Walters, David E. Warman, David R. Young
  • 30 YEARS — Ricky A. Baker, Christopher Bradford, Thomas R. Forsha, Kelly G. Free, Ronald L. Funk, Greg J. Griswold, Richard W. Hunt, Dana P. Johnson, Danny Jones, Ralph Ratcliff, Mikeal R. Reed, Charles J. Russell, James E. Sagraves, Paul R. Sandusky, Paul B. Sisco, Thomas Swenney, Ryan E. Tussey, William C. Winstead
  • 25 YEARS — Steven Bradford, Donnie K. Curnel, James Darnell, Russell Davis, Richard L. Hagan, Richard D. Hogue, Scott A. Lee, William Corey Link, Donald Propes Sr., Ricky D. Salyers, Paul B. Swearingen, Bryan K. Thompson
  • 20 YEARS — Ricky Adams, Ronald K. Bauers, Etta Marie Carpenter, Darrell Carter Jr., William S. Dietsch, Marc L. Dingee, James T. Elswick, Michael W. Gibson, Joshua D. Greene, Charles “Shawn” Kelley, David T. Passmore, Wesley B. Penrod, Jason W. Stogner, Franklin R. Sturgill, Thomas J. Wilson 
  • 15 YEARS — Kathy Jo Collier, Barry C. Dotson, Bruce T. Gossett, Clinton E. Howard, Matthew T. Hughey, Guy M. Jackson, Jason S. Kramm, Colin J. Riley, George Mike Sparks, Bryan Scot Stuttles, Johnny L. Tackett, Tony M. Zeigler

Local 83 • Kansas City MO

  • 50 YEARS — Colonel O. Bengtson, David L. Johnson, Richard Maris
  • 45 YEARS — Kenneth E. Berry, Dale L. Christian, Alvin J. Eastman, Douglas C. Griffin, Gary E. Merchant, John Musser, Donald F. Novich, Michael C. Sievert
  • 35 YEARS — Rodney Hale, Ronnie E. Strickland
  • 30 YEARS — Danial P. Conner, Jeffrey Fitzmaurice, Michael G. Lewis, Michael L. Swope
  • 25 YEARS — Kyle J. Brewer, Jeffrey S. Burns, Rodney M. Burns, Daniel Czaplewski, Max L. Duncan, Jim Folk, Walt Forman, Jeffrey J. Jackson, Perrin D. Sheil, Gordon Dale Shuey, Danilo Vasquez, Aaron J. Wood
  • 20 YEARS — Robert F. Delzeit, Adam Lake, Terry A. Norris Jr., Rodney McFarlin
  • 15 YEARS — Darrell L. Beaman, Jason C. Curl, Joseph A. Detar, Oscar M. Hernandez, Norman D. Hilbus, Matthew J. Jury, Andrew K. Luther, Marty J. Nelson, Lori Riddle, Eric J. Spenner, Donny Ray Vetter

Local 108 • Bessemer AL

  • 50 YEARS — Roger Blevins
  • 40 YEARS — Steve Winnett
  • 20 YEARS — Weston Aubrey Nelson
  • 15 YEARS — William Adam Defoor

Local 359 • Vancouver BC

  • 30 YEARS — Colin Anderson
  • 25 YEARS — Duane Gouin, Richard Guenette, Ben Kirby, Peter Kvenich, Don Phillips, Jerry Ritchotte, Andrew Schmidt, Gordon Spink, Gordon Weel

Local 433 • Tampa FL

  • 55 YEARS — Johnny S. Hemby Sr., Wesley G. McMillan Jr.
  • 15 YEARS — Shane D. King

Local 555 • Regina SK

  • 60 YEARS — Cecil Ross
  • 55 YEARS — Robert Belcher, Anton Bilecki, William Ferguson, Cliff Graydon, Raymond Henry, Brian Pick, Glen Ruttle, Dennis Schick
  • 50 YEARS — Delvin Bellrose, Edward Ducharme, Raymond Posehn, Rodney Ross, Joseph Roussin, John Terry
  • 45 YEARS — Vern McKay, Antonio Serravalle, George Steeves, Tom Wagner
  • 40 YEARS — Darrell Bray, Walter Dreidger, Keith Holt, Bruce McDonald
  • 35 YEARS — David Gillon, Dave LeBlanc, Gerald Polischuk, David Brooks Ross, Chris Shepley, Rick Woods
  • 30 YEARS — Numi Broadfoot, Darryl Delaurier, Brian Gillon, Kevin Glowatski, Dwight Grzybowski, Kevin Miller, Andrew Ogrodnik, Brent Welch
  • 25 YEARS — Robert Atkins, Mike Duchominsky, Sheldon Forseth, Derek Hargreaves, Ron Hickey, Todd Jakubowski, Sheldon Kreiser, Calvan Morris, Reg Rivers, Shane Thom, Colin Weber


We publish only those lists sent from local lodge officers for pins received in the current year. If you don’t see your lodge here, please ask one of your lodge officers to send us the list.

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