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Locals award service pins

The following pins have been presented in recognition of continuous years of service in the Boilermakers union as reported by local lodge leadership.

Local 1 • Chicago IL

  • 40 YEARS — Steve Ackmann, Edward Kochaney, Thomas Langbeen, Simon Mezydlo, Jamal Shabazz, Duane Shue, Emerson Smith, Mary Lou Spencer
  • 30 YEARS — Gregory Hinds
  • 25 YEARS — Ralph Flores, Patrick Polick
  • 20 YEARS — Thomas Connor, Steve Flores, Raymond Gossett, Dwayne Haemker, Michael Hart, Ernie Heiser, Phillip Maske, Michael Monroe

Local 11 • East Helena MT

  • 40 YEARS — Randy Laedeke
  • 30 YEARS — Thomas Colvin Jr., Scott Smith
  • 25 YEARS — Jesse Baertsch
  • 20 YEARS — Paul Gehrke, Joseph Granvold, Wesley Green, Ryan Hunter, Jon Miller, Kevin Roeber, Robert Shiplet, David Valentine
  • 15 YEARS — Shane Cunningham, Bradley Green, Twaine Shick, Richard Widdicombe

Local 40 • Elizabethtown KY

  • 60 YEARS — Roger A. Coomes, Moses Johnson, Edward J. Roberts
  • 55 YEARS — Clyde L. Atwood, Robert L. Beasley, William M. Brown, Jesse A. Horsley, Robert O. Horsley, Tommy O. Hurst, Joseph L. Vornholt
  • 50 YEARS — Lowell T. Elliott, Paul Hill, Alan Johnson, Thomas O. McClain, Roger L. Mitchell, Robert S. Reeves, Troy L. Roark, Don M. Schnuck, Trenton B. Vincent, Wade W. Wilburn, Marvin L. Williams
  • 45 YEARS — John S. Barrett, Henry A. Hilburn, Richard A. Hope, Leon W. Jones, Chrisman O’Banion, C. A. Poole, Mack G. Rose
  • 40 YEARS — Leonard E. Bayes, Steve L. Boggess, William A. Bowlds, Joseph E. Combs, Timothy B. Embry, David A. Engle, William D. Faith, David L. Koger, Marvin L. Moore Jr., Scott A. Napper, Ricky A. Presley, Delton A. Rhea, Charles E. Shephard, Terry W. Short, Dwight E. Thompson, Charles L. Vincent
  • 35 YEARS — James E. Hall, Danny James, Michael G. Johnson, Bernice M. Millard, Jimmy D. Young
  • 30 YEARS — Stephen D. Arndell, Michael W. Autry, Marshall S. Bratcher, Jimmy D. Burton, David C. Craig, Larry E. Davis, Kenneth M. Glasscock, Wesley S. Harris, Paul A. Hoppe, Daniel D. Jackson, Victor A. Johnson Jr., David L. Laffoon, Gary W. Mathis, Edward L. Nokes Jr., David C. Paul, David A. Rager, James K. Rager, L. “Diane” Ransom, Mark S. Ringstaff, James E. Roy Jr., Kevin R. Seagraves, Kevin D. Sears, David O. Sisco, Paul A. Sloas, Robert A. Vincent, Jeffrey D. Wilcox, Carl R. Williams
  • 25 YEARS — David W. Bartlett, Danny Aaron Fowler, James D. Fraley, Ronald Chad Webster
  • 20 YEARS — Douglas A. Billings, Jerry “Tudor” Bowers, James A. Clark Jr., Paul E. Crum, Teddy R. Crum, Larry E. Day Jr., James P. Fields Jr., Eric M. Fronabarger, Greg Griffith, Joshlin D. Harris, Ronald W. Henry II, Kenneth W. Hicks, John E. Higdon, Roger D. Hoard, Glenn F. Horton Jr., Cowan Kinney, Robert S. Lawson, M. Michael Mays, Michael W. Murphy, Jason B. Parsons, Robert E. Porter, Christopher S. Prince, Daniel N. Remmel, Terry W. Stayton, Michael Brandon Thomas, Mario A. Vasquez, Carl R. “Rock” Walker, David Matt Ward
  • 15 YEARS — Christopher M. Campbell, Michael Castaneda, Jesse S. Elmore, James Daniel Greene, Morton R. Greer, Kristopher L. Hall, Troy A. Hicks, Kenny Ison Jr., Billy C. Jordan, John A. Miller Jr., Eric J. O’Donnell, Bradley Duane Ogburn, Richie T. Pentecost, Corey Porter, Aaron S. Ratcliff, Ed Rhinerson, Philip Landon Roark, Andrew R. Smith, Kegan R. Tussey, Chad T. Williams

Local 83 • Kansas City MO

  • 60 YEARS — Vencil W. Darrow, Lawrence C. Green, Larry L. Lentz, Glenn K. Johnson, Jimmie J. Magee
  • 55 YEARS — Tommie J. Stiles
  • 50 YEARS — Gale Bear, Dwayne J. Jensen, Frank D. King
  • 45 YEARS — Billy G. Cochran, Robert S. Cox Jr., John M. Dibble, Billy G. Divelbiss, Kennneth R. Hammell, George E. Henderson, Ernest D. Johnson, Wesley R. Johnson, James H. Kruzic, Danny A. Mundell, James Newport, Robert F. Newport, Johnie L. Rollins, Carl E. Shelton Jr., Carl D. Stacey
  • 35 YEARS — John R. Atkinson, Carey L. Ogleby, Michael L. Shelton
  • 30 YEARS — Ronald Elton Phipps, Roman T. Williamson
  • 25 YEARS — Michael L. Brocker, Ricky L. Cook, John Alfred Dicks II, Donald E. Filbert, George E. Rains, Mark D. Robinson
  • 20 YEARS — James B. Cox, George Allen Dainty, Kevin Gene Friend, Michael Lee Futrell, Clayton Knepp III, Darrell J. Manroe, Daniel M. McArdle, Paul V. McCarthy, Edward L. McGinnis, Windy J. Monjarez, Christian Mura, Perry D. Riegler, Peter D. Rust, Scott A. Tansy, George W. Warner, Danny R. Weller, William Wescott
  • 15 YEARS — Steven Dawson, Jeffrey A. English, Patrick W. Fisher, Calem Hutsell, Jason Nielson, Danny D. Sears, Jeremiah Sears, Jesse Stottlemyre, Donald L. Warren

Local 105 • Piketon OH

  • 30 YEARS — George T. Adams, Christopher C. Carver, Mark A. Hay, John C. Karr, Micah Manuell Lewis, Brent J. McGinnis, Christopher L. Porter, Kennith J. Sturgill
  • 25 YEARS — Jade M. Barker, James Gay, Joseph E. Hedrick Jr., Terry A. Napier, Daryl R. Yinger
  • 20 YEARS — Shawn L. Artrip, Ryan L. Bruce, Jason L. Caplinger, G. Scott Felty, Clarence A. Hinshaw, Eric J. Locke, Micheal Mastin, John J. McDowell, Christopher Reddicks, Eric T. Reeder, Greg W. Sparling, Milford G. Thornberry, Randy Travis, Kevin R. Turvey, Charles R. Weaver

Local 363 • Belleville IL

  • 50 YEARS — Bill Colwell, David Jones, Larry Jones, James Poeschel
  • 45 YEARS — Marcus Morris
  • 40 YEARS — James (JJ) Johnson
  • 30 YEARS — Robert Brooks, Charles Smotherman, Terry Wilson
  • 20 YEARS — John Bergman, Steve Mehl, Paul Underhill, Harley Williams, Douglas Wright
  • 15 YEARS — Christopher Ozment


We publish only those lists sent from local lodge officers for pins received in the current year. If you don’t see your lodge here, please ask one of your lodge officers to send us the list.

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