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Locals award service pins

Local 1 • Chicago

ERIC S. DAVIS, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of a membership pin to the following:

  • 25 YEARS — Kurt Pecsenye.

Local 4 • Page, Arizona

LOUIS DODSON, BM-ST of Local 4, Page, Arizona, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 50 YEARS — Merlin Bundy;
  • 45 YEARS — Lorenzo Lucero, Gary Tibbs;
  • 40 YEARS — Felix Cenaruzabeitia, Frank Maes;
  • 35 YEARS — Monte Beeson;
  • 25 YEARS — Burke Gehrig, Kirk Stoneking;
  • 20 YEARS — Tully Bitsoie, Louis Dodson Jr., Bert Little, Alfred Yazzie, Lorado Yazzie;
  • 15 YEARS — Lolita Nez, Ronnie Terwilleger.

Local 11 • Helena, Montana

CLINTON PENNY, BM-ST of Local 11, Helena, Montana, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 20 YEARS — Cody Ceartin, Jeramy Wageman.

Local 83 • Kansas City, Missouri

SCOT ALBERTSON, BM-ST of Local 83, Kansas City, Missouri, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 40 YEARS — John Davis;
  • 30 YEARS — Leonard Bergantzel, Edward Keighley, Daniel Vangroningen;
  • 25 YEARS — Tom Dye, Jason Hardin, Thomas Hart, Michael Helmstadler, Brice Paulsen, Jon Peterson, Michael Wagner;
  • 20 YEARS — Shawn Bailey, Jason Bertie, Mitchell Frazier, Chris Kattou, Michael Lindsay, Chris Smith, Kenneth Young;
  • 15 YEARS — Timothy Collins, Joshua Livingston, Matthew Manroe, Jon Wahwassuck.

Local 647 • Minneapolis

LUKE VOIGT, BM-ST of Local 647, Minneapolis, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 65 YEARS — Glen A. Shilts, Robert H. Wittsack;
  • 55 YEARS — Luis E. Malek, Jerome L. Olander, Lowell E. Warnsholz;
  • 50 YEARS — Michael E. Flynn, Richard L. Foster, Elvin E. Stewart;
  • 45 YEARS — Dennis H. Anderson, Wayne E. Deyoung, Kenneth J. Frie, Allan F. Jones, Roger D. Ness, John R. Reed, Robert W. Rollins, David J. Schwab;
  • 40 YEARS — Timothy J. Carey, Ronald J. Leeman, William J. Smith;
  • 35 YEARS — Mark Nathan;
  • 30 YEARS — William J. Smith;
  • 25 YEARS — David R. Gerads, Timothy J. Sauter, Anthony J. Sonneman;
  • 20 YEARS — Wayde Reinhart, Thomas S. Rohl, Patrick J. Schmidt, Anthony W. Schoonmaker;
  • 15 YEARS — Chase D. Abernathey, David G. Frank, Kyle W. Jones, Shane N. Norman, Ezra Stutesman, Jeffrey A. Welty.
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Locals  L-1, L-4, L-11, L-83, L-647
Reporter  V58N2
Published on the Web: August 6, 2019

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