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Locals award service pins

Lone Star District Lodge

CLAY S. HERFORD, DM-ES, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:


  • 45 YEARS — Kenneth Reed, Thomas Reed;
  • 35 YEARS — Ronald Keck, Hector Lozano;


  • 50 YEARS — Dwayne Boyd, Terry Oliver;
  • 35 YEARS — Clay Herford.

Local 1 • Chicago

ERIC S. DAVIS, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 50 YEARS — Gerald Crandall;
  • 45 YEARS — Richard Bartos;
  • 35 YEARS — Bryan Webb;
  • 30 YEARS — William Lambert, Joseph Natzke;
  • 25 YEARS — Kevin Burkamper;
  • 20 YEARS — Steven Baltsen, Michael Brousil, Thomas Donegan, Edward Downs, Patrick Summers, Joseph Wilhelm.

Local 83 • Kansas City, Missouri

SCOT ALBERTSON, BM-ST of Local 83, Kansas City, Missouri, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 40 YEARS — John Musser;
  • 35 YEARS — Stan Olsen;
  • 30 YEARS — Rodney Hale, Ronnie Strickland, Monte Tubbs;
  • 25 YEARS — Michael Lewis, Richard McArtor;
  • 20 YEARS — Jeffrey Burns, Rodney Burns, Daniel Czaplewski, Walt Forman, Jeffrey Jackson, Dustin Kitchen, Gordon Shuey, Danilo Vasquez, Mark Walker, Aaron Wood;
  • 15 YEARS — Adam Lake, Rodney McFarlin.
Tags  Local News
Locals  L-1, L-74, L-83, L-587
Reporter  V58N1
Published on the Web: May 2, 2019

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  • Locals award service pins

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