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Locals award service pins

Local 1 • Chicago

JOHN F. RIEL, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 60 YEARS — David Oliver;
  • 55 YEARS — Gary Metcalfe;
  • 45 YEARS — Charles Moore;
  • 40 YEARS — Robert Kosola;
  • 35 YEARS — John Riordan; and
  • 25 YEARS — Jose Sanchez.

Local 11 • East Helena, Montana

CLINT PENNY, BM-ST of Local 11, East Helena, Montana, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 35 YEARS — Clay Anderson, Roger Meyer;
  • 30 YEARS — Darold Widdicombe; and
  • 15 YEARS — Terry Radcliffe.

Local 83 • Kansas City, Missouri

SCOT ALBERTSON, BM-ST of Local 83, Kansas City, Missouri, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 70 YEARS — George E. Case;
  • 65 YEARS — Donald L. Dennis, Lawrence C. Green;
  • 60 YEARS — Warren Gene Barker, Gary L. Busey, John Donnelly, Jerry R. Horseman, Monty H. Kamps, Ronnie R. Sellers;
  • 55 YEARS — Melvin L. Hodges, Roger L. Ramsey;
  • 50 YEARS — Kenneth W. Constable, Steven T. Cox, James F. Emery, Jerald L. Folk, Alan D. Johnson, Henry D. Koehler, Howard L. Koen Jr., Roger D. McQuitty, Ronald H. Miller, Ronald Phipps, Albert L. Plummer, Willis W. Stratton;
  • 45 YEARS — Harlan J. Anderson, Lyndell A. Boyd, Charles H. Clancy, George E. Dickinson, Daniel Eugene Frike, Steven P. Harmon, Garland E. Haynes, Louis E. Kirshner, Paul L. Lawrence, Randy E. Lawson, Dale W. Lowery, Lloyd S. McCord, Donald D. Mulder, Charlie H. Ussery, Warren Wheeldon Sr.;
  • 40 YEARS — Richard E. Abeln, Phillip J. Amaro, James Barnes, Bruce W. Berve, Walter C. Carson, John W. Case, Richard D. Delay, Elmer D. Diver, Richard E. Downs, Robert Dugger, Donnie Dwyer, Keith F. Giese, Derek Godfredson, Stephen R. Haile, Michael D. Harden, James H. Hedges, Robert E. Irby, Stephen R. Johnson, Lynn D. Kellogg, John M. Kingston, David Wayne Miller, Howard A. Mogensen, James M. Platt Jr., Wayne E. Reed, Harvey L. Rogers, Cleo E. Rosson, Freeman L. Saylor Jr., Eugene Schupback Jr., David L. Smiezek, Craig H. Sparks, Eugene D. Strange, Frank L. Tilley, Clarence C. Trainer, James L. Transue, Carroll R. Trimble, Mark E. Ussery;
  • 35 YEARS — Michael Brown, Larry L. Elsberry, Michael D. Haag, Glenn H. Haygood, David A. Rhodes Sr., Donald E. Richards, Randy J. Scislowicz, Russell A. Stitt;
  • 30 YEARS — Mark K. Dennis, Percy T. Harder, Edward I. Laughlin, Emil A. Mazur, Kent G. Rymer, Earl L. Spencer Jr.;
  • 25 YEARS — Kevin Scot Alexander, Allen R. Binder, Charlie Brown, Robert E. Colquitt, William Comfort, Jeffrey B. Fyke, Howard Bruce Gray, Fred Johnson, Ernest C. Kibel, Chris L. Peacock, Steven J. Petersen, Mitchell G. Rubash, Dennis M. Schissel, John E. Scott, Howard Weltha;
  • 20 YEARS — Paul E. Benning, David Bulin, Gerald Callarman, Neil Haynes, Troy Huffman, James Burt Hunstiger, Jack R. Hurley, David LeBlanc, Donald D. Lewman, Owen Morphis, Jerry G. Rice, Larry South, Bradley Walters, James Welch; and
  • 15 YEARS — Jose Luis Alvarado, David E. Blood, Timothy B. Chelf, Robert Coach, Maurice Cunliffe, Robert L. Fare, Jason Frizzell, Howard L. Gillam Jr., Ralph E. Guilford, Noah Hale, Kevin A. Harmon, Warner Leon Hurt, Randall Jackson, Phill Knight, Daniel C. LaFave, Michael J. Larue, Bobby J. Lightfoot, David R. Morgan, Kevin Morris, Bobby Newboles, Kerry D. Pitkin, Steve Pless, Gregory Ponder, Michael Prebula, James Ricketts, Floyd D. Seals, Chad M. Stewart, Benny Will Tripp Jr., Monty R. Vetter, Neal R. Warren, Noel B. Wayman, Rodney D. Yeokum.

Local 549 • Pittsburg, California

MARK SLOAN, BM-ST of Local 549, Pittsburg, California, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 50 YEARS — John E. Riccobuono;
  • 35 YEARS — Brian S. Burrow;
  • 25 YEARS — Brian McBride, Michael Wyrick; and
  • 15 YEARS — Paul E. Fredette, Jeffery Gardner, Rahsaan Wooten.

Local 647 • Minneapolis

LUKE VOIGT, BM-ST of Local 647, Minneapolis, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 55 YEARS — Charles G. Sheldon;
  • 50 YEARS — Curtis M. Carlson, Charles F. Conroy, Jon D. Jennings;
  • 45 YEARS — Duane A. Bunnell, Lamonte C. Hoy, Charles C. Metcalf, Dale J. Peterson, Barry M. Place, Dale W. Post, Ronald J. Saunders, Raymond P. Spurzem, Gary F. Thom, Wallace Truttmann, Lynn R. Weium, Richard C. Wolch;
  • 40 YEARS — Harold J. Kirchberg, Donald G. Westman;
  • 35 YEARS — Timothy R. Johnson, Cleaton Sayler, Virgil W. Stahlberg;
  • 30 YEARS — David H. Bredlow;
  • 25 YEARS — Boe J. Gilbert, Robert L. Starstead, Timothy P. Sukut;
  • 20 YEARS — John D. Bodell, Gary S. Hartin; and
  • 15 YEARS — James C. Fluey, Mark T. Green, Corey J. Kelly, Jason L. Mohler, Ryan M. O’Leary.

Local 667 • Charleston, West Virginia

BRIAN HUSSELL, BM-ST of Local 667, Charleston, West Virginia, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 70 YEARS — Howard M. Mahaffey;
  • 65 YEARS — Allen M. Campbell, Lynn D. Harman Jr., Cecil W. Joy;
  • 60 YEARS — Norman D. Benson, George R. Campbell, Ardath E. Casto, David L. Forshee, Jonathan C. Sheppard, Charles T. Taylor, Kenneth E. Williams;
  • 55 YEARS — William T. Holland, Thomas O. Kaylor, Clifford N. Oliver, Raymond B. Rainey, James L. Teague;
  • 50 YEARS — Paul F. Amberger, George T. Epling, Robert A. Greaser, William E. Greer, Stephen B. Johnson, Arthur P. Miller, Donald R. Moffitt, Dale E. Newcome, Ralph D. Newcome, Delmer W. Sampson, Kenny E. Siders, Gary K. Smith, John H. Warner;
  • 45 YEARS — Herbert Barker, Carl R. Clay, John C. Custer, Douglas E. Elliott, Bruce M. Garrison, Clarence W. Hesson, Thomas P. Locke, Donald K. Mongold Jr., Kenneth L. Pettry, William Proffitt Jr., Samual S. Shriver, Clarence T. Smith, Robert K. Tennant, Lonnie F. Thornton, Willis L. Williams;
  • 40 YEARS — Lewis W. Bell, John Casto, Kenneth L. Chapman, Virgil M. Childers, Ronald R. Givens, Larry D. Jenkins, Bryon L. Powell, Gregory B. Robinette, Alex Schultz, Carl L. See, Larry E. Tate, Steven R. Turner, Danny Vanscoy, James A. Walker, Joseph E. Ward;
  • 35 YEARS — Lewis E. Bush, Kenneth L. Cayton, Clinton O. Epler, Ira R. Jeffers, Gary W. Joy, Harold D. Life Jr., Ronald A. Somerville, James Williams;
  • 30 YEARS — Thomas W. Bateman, Donald Cheuvront Jr., Tamara I. Moore, Anthony M. Parks;
  • 25 YEARS — James D. Gillespie, Michael L. Hall, Brian L. Kerns, Richard A. Parsons, Robert T. Rees;
  • 20 YEARS — Matthew S. Alexander, Gregory A. Arman, James R. Carter, Darrin Cochran, Mark D. Czewski, Roland L. Day Jr., James L. Goff Jr., Joseph R. Kelley, Gerald G. Kinder Jr., Freddie E. Poling, Marion D. Price Jr., Mark S. Rooke, Jerry D. Shaver, Thomas R. Turley; and
  • 15 YEARS — Robert D. Adkins, Clarence Barnette, Russell C. Bates, Richard Brightwell, John T. Burton, Richard E. Cale, Gregory K. Campbell, Michael J. Campbell, Michael Canterbury, Jeffrey O. Clark, Jordan Cumpston, Ryan E. Dill, Troy D. Duncan, Larry Easter, Philip Edmiston, Chuck Flohr, Brant Gabbert, Keith A. Hall Jr., Donald Hamilton Jr., Kenneth J. Haney, Robert J. Haynes, William C. Jones, Brian W. Kearns, Brian W. Kearns II, Todd Keller, Matthew L. Kennedy, Chad Kirk, Dennis Knotts Jr., John M. Leek, Troy Leek, Bryan D. Linger, Jeremy M. Long, Ian A. Lynn, J. Loren McCammon, Jon McCauley, Randy E. McCutcheon, David A. Moore, Eric D. Myers Jr., Daniel W. Painter, Raymond Patterson, John Paulousky Jr., Adam T. Pavlisin, Robert L. Poling, Carl B. Postlethwait, David L. Protzman, Steve P. Richards, John Shingleton III, Terry E. Simms, Jared W. Smith, Jeffrey R. Smith, Robert S. Stanley, Tim Starkey, Rule D. Stepp Jr., Roger L. Stover, Brian R. Swartz, Percy D. Talkington, Richard Tolliver, Danny Vanscoy II, Thomas J. Wagner, David Watson, Thomas D. White, Jeffrey L. Wick Sr., Dana Williams, Fred Zuspan.

Local D500 • Rogers City, Michigan

PATRICK S. SCHUCH, PRESIDENT of Local D500, Rogers City, Michigan, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 20 YEARS — Jeremy T. Kuznicki, Glen D. Roeske.
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Locals  L-1, L-11, L-83, L-D500, L-549, L-647, L-667
Reporter  V56N3
Published on the Web: October 27, 2017

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