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New Brunswick recognizes L-73 for ‘world class benchmark’ in nuclear welding

Editor’s Note: The letter below, addressed to L-73 BM-ST Kevin Chaisson, was received by the local in March of 2012. In August of 2012, the government of New Brunswick and New Brunswick Power presented IVP Ed Power (Eastern Canada) and Chaisson with a plaque commemorating a “world class benchmark achievement” in nuclear welding at the 635 MW Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station, located on the north shore of the Bay of Fundy. Letters of appreciation were also sent to every member who participated on the project.


Recognizing Boilermaker nuclear welding achievements are, left to right, John Cole, Senior Labour Advisor, Point Lepreau Refurbishment Project, New Brunswick Power Nuclear; IVP for Eastern Canada Ed Power; L-73 BM-ST Kevin Chaisson; David Galvin, President and CEO, Boilermaker Contractors’ Association; and Charlie Ryan, Director of Engineering, New Brunswick Power.

I AM WRITING this letter in recognition of the level of excellence in workmanship and productivity that your members achieved during the recent installation and welding of the lower feeder tubes at Point Lepreau. Our Chief Boiler Inspector, Mr. Eben Creaser, has brought this achievement to my attention and has proudly informed me that this accomplishment has been a world class effort. The Boilermakers along with all New Brunswickers should be very proud of this achievement. Dedication to their trade, pride in workmanship, combined with a rigorous certification and licensing system, will continue to set the frame work for our Industries to be safe and competitive in the world economy.

Your members have proven that New Brunswick tradesmen are among the best in the world. Chief Boiler Inspector Eben Creaser states that when using Phase Array Ultrasonic weld inspection a failure rate of 6%, which your members achieved, is next to impossible given the environment in which your members were required to perform this welding... This success rate has been documented, and when compared with other projects, has set a new world class benchmark. In comparison to other nuclear generating stations, welders performing the identical job had a failure rate of 13% during their lower feeder installation, resulting in more than twice as many welds to be repaired.

In addition to achieving the highest levels of quality, this difficult task was completed 12 full days ahead of the planned schedule. This equates to substantial savings to all the people of New Brunswick and speaks volumes for your membership and adds to the great reputation of the Boilermakers Union.

Please share with your membership my appreciation and my Chief Boiler Inspection's appreciation and thank them for such a commendable effort and a job well done.

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General

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Published on the Web: August 6, 2013

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