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Letter to the Editor: Echols says, end free trade

THE MIDDLE CLASS is in crisis because rich politicians help rich industrialists move our industries overseas to cheap labor. We must eliminate free trade, or there won’t be any middle class — only the rich and the poor, with the poor living in ghettoes.

I can see the change coming fast. We are told to buy American-made products, but they can’t be found.

48-year member of Local 74 (Houston, Texas)
Florence, CO

Editor’s Note: While free trade has cost North America literally millions of manufacturing jobs, some products continue to be made in America and Canada (including some by fellow Boilermakers). allows you to search for union-made products on the Internet. You can also use your browser for a broader search of American-made and Canadian-made products.

Locals  L-74
Reporter  V50N3
Published on the Web: September 23, 2011

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