L-73 Boilermaker celebrates 50 years in the field

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the reception held on March 18th to celebrate my 50th year as an active Boilermaker. Special thanks to Glen Aker, Ernie Aker, [L-73 BM-ST] Kevin Chaisson, and “Big” Joe Linthorne, for providing music. Thanks also to Derek Carey, Kevin Chaisson, [L-73 President] Marcel Losier, [IR] Kent Oliver, and [retired IVP] Sandy MacDonald for the gifts presented on behalf of Local 73 and the International. Thanks to all the men and women I have worked beside, shoulder to shoulder on the job, standing behind one another in times of solidarity, supporting one another in times of need. Each time I see the Boilermaker logo, I think of 50 years of good times. As I go forward, I am proud to say, “I am a Boilermaker. Past, Present, and Future.”

Your brother,

Local 73 retiree
Halifax, Nova Scotia