L-110’s Holmes invents scent dispersal system

Rex Holmes shows the scents and dispersal system he developed.

Product masks human odor, attracts game

A MEMBER OF Local 110 (Hattiesburg, Miss.) has hit upon a method of atomizing human scent blocker and wild game attractants that helps hunters achieve success. The Vapor Maker®, developed by Charles “Rex” Holmes of Natchez, Miss., turns liquid into a continuous stream of mist. Holmes says a mist is the best — and most natural — method to distribute scent and odor blockers. “Most people don’t realize it, but animals process smells in a liquid form,” he notes.

Holmes’ product is essentially a 16-ounce pump spray bottle that allows a user to mix attractant or blockers with water and release the mixture into the air, onto the ground, and into foliage. A filter system he designed helps prevent clogging.

“Like a lot of Boilermakers, I’ve been deer hunting all my life,” Holmes says. “I started experimenting with scents, and that led me to search for the best way of getting the scent out to the animal.”

Holmes says The Vapor Maker® and the various all-natural scents he has developed are selling well, and he offers testimonials on his website from hunters who have bagged game using the products. He attributes some of his success to Boilermaker inventiveness and is especially proud of a bottle-filling machine he developed. “It’s essentially a gravity feed tank with valves,” he says. “I can fill 300 bottles an hour with it.”

Holmes’ enterprising spirit comes with a willingness to help others. He travels to various states to support Kids Hunting for a Cure events. “Every kid there gets a spray bottle and some free scents,” he says. He also participates in the Wounded Warriors Project. In addition to offering free products, Holmes donates the services of his film crew to cover the events.

More information about The Vapor Maker® and other Holmes’ products can be found at his website, http://vaportrailscents.com.