Steel Fab workers join Boilermakers

Showing their support for the Steel Fab organizing effort are, left to right, Kelli Morgan, IBB headquarters; Organizer Bobby Godinez (front); Former L-1620 (Portland, Ind.) President Bill Coleman; IR Bill Staggs; L-357 (Peru, Ind.) Steward Steve Adair; Lead Organizer Jody Mauller; L-483 (East Alton, Ill.) President Glenn Reinhardt; and L-684 members Markeita Murphy and Tara Boone.
Photo by Midtown Studio

Unit manufactures air receivers in Virginia

WORKERS AT THE Steel Fab manufacturing company in Lebanon, Va., voted to join the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers September 19.

Steel Fab is one of the nation’s largest makers of ASME air receivers.

Organizer Jody Mauller led the campaign and was assisted by Organizer Bobby Godinez, headquarters staff, and local lodge volunteers.

“We’re thrilled with the vote,” said Mauller, “and we are ready to get to work negotiating a first contract for this unit so that they can begin enjoying the benefits of good union representation.”

International President Newton B. Jones praised the organizing effort, stating, “It is always gratifying to see workers come together and fight for their legally-guaranteed right to form a union. We will support and assist the Steel Fab workers as they seek a fair and binding contract with their employer.

“I congratulate our newest Boilermakers and welcome them into our Brotherhood,” he added.

Tyler Brown, Executive Director of Industrial Sector Operations, said, “These workers stood up to a well-financed campaign aimed at discouraging them from having a voice on the job. They faced a team of corporate lawyers as well as a high-priced union buster, and the workers won. I’m very proud of what these workers have accomplished, and I’m glad to welcome them into the Boilermaker family.”