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New Boilermakers website launches

THE INTERNATIONAL LAUNCHED a new website in March 2020, replacing the previous site first released in 2006. The new site, designed and developed completely by the Communications Department, retains the same web URL: www.boilermakers.org. It features a fresh, bold design and is mobile optimized, meaning it can be easily viewed on any screen device—from smart phone to desktop computer. Much of the resource content from the original site was updated, moved to the new site and re-organized to make it easier for users to find material.

“In designing the new site, intuitive navigation was our priority,” said Director of Communications, Amy Wiser. “We took a look at who visits our site and what they need, and then we segmented visitors into four audiences: Members and retirees, prospective members, organizing prospects, and current and prospective owners and contractors. We organized content and navigation paths to get those audiences to the areas and resources on the site they most want.”

In the main navigation panel, “Join Us” is set up for prospective new members, “Form A Union” takes the visitor to organizing information, “Work with Us” is for current and prospective owners and contractors, and an entire area is set up just for members and retirees.

A “Members” tab takes members and retirees to the Boilermaker Membership Hub, where they can find tools and resources. Local lodge leaders can register there to receive a login and password to access a suite of materials, including a new marketing toolbox, social media kit and website help, among other resources. The marketing toolbox includes, for example, downloadable ready-to-run print ads, a 30-second TV spot and brochures and fliers. New material will be added there as it becomes available.

“We’re excited to have the new site up and running, and we’ll continue to make adjustments and additions” Wiser said. “Our website is often the first place prospective members, owners and contractors go to find out more about the Boilermakers union, and it’s an important tool for our members. We’re putting our best face forward with the new boilermakers.org.”