International launches digital museum, online store

Members can view photos, order merchandise

A WEB-BASED initiative recently launched by the International union will give members online access to Boilermaker-related photos, videos and union-made merchandise.

Named The Boilermaker Museum of Photography and Film (, the initiative was envisioned by International President Newton B. Jones as a repository of historical and contemporary images with member access for casual viewing and the ability to order prints for personal use.

The Boilermaker History Preservation Department (BHPD) manages the museum, drawing much of the site’s content from the Boilermaker Archives, the Communications Department and other sources. Photos are categorized, tagged and captioned. Members will find images of ships and trains, Boilermakers at work, construction projects and other subjects.

Videos that tell the Boilermaker story and promote the union can also be viewed from the site.

BHPD Director Charles A. Jones and BHPD Archivist Dave Stewart first introduced the museum at the Construction Conference in March. By its nature, the museum is a work in progress. It will expand continuously as additional material is added. Members wishing to contribute photos or documents can do so by uploading a digital file or by printing a submission form from the site and mailing a hard-copy document or print to BHPD.

The ability to order prints online is still in the works but is expected to be available by the end of the year. Order processing and fulfillment will be handled by a third-party.

The museum also includes a link to the Boilermaker Store ( Operated by Zubie Wear, a union provider of apparel and promotional items, the store offers long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts and embroidered King Louie polos with designs created by or approved by the Boilermakers union. Belt buckles and lapel pins depicting the Boilermaker Code also are available. Other merchandise will be added to the store from time to time. Ten percent of store sales will be rebated to the union for designated support programs.

“The online museum gives us a way to visually connect with our heritage through the Internet,” said President Jones. “Members can view photos from our distant past as well as recent images of, say, a sister or brother performing work or being recognized for an award. Using the online store, members can shop for great-looking, Boilermaker-approved products displaying our name, seal and emblems.”