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Entergy honors trades for perfect safety record


Taking part in the Entergy Fossil Tripartite safety presentations are, l. to r., L-110 BM-ST James Bragg; Anthony Lorino, Entergy, manager; Curt Lovelace, Day & Zimmerman superintendent; Miss. River District 5 BM-ES David Hegeman; Lisa Alamazon, Entergy CUSA, manager; David Smith Day & Zimmerman, operations manager; L-37 BM-ST Lionel Hanna; Keith Steltz, Day & Zimmerman superintendent; Robert Hicks, VP, Entergy; and Boilermakers Health and Safety Services Director Mark Garrett.

Boilermakers, other crafts cut recordable injuries to zero

BOILERMAKERS LOCAL 37 (New Orleans) and Local 110 (Hattiesburg, Miss.) were among the craft unions employed by Day & Zimmerman to be recognized August 30 by Entergy for working 100,000 hours since January 2011 without a recordable injury. The awards were presented at L-37’s union hall in Slidell, La., during a meeting of the Entergy Fossil Tripartite.

Dave Hegeman, BM-ES for Mississippi District 5, which operates from L-37 offices, said the tripartite had been instrumental in reducing an unacceptable injury rate at Entergy’s various fossil power plants. “Robert Hicks [vice president of Entergy Fossils] and David Smith, [Day & Zimmerman’s operations manager for the NPS Entergy contract] spearheaded the tripartite organization two and a half years ago,” he noted. “Each time we meet, the attendance grows.”

Tripartite meetings rotate among the various trade facilities, although the next conference, in January 2012, will again be held at L-37’s hall.

Hegeman said the Boilermakers “put on a feast” for the trades and the companies. “It was excellent. They all loved it.”

L-37 performs maintenance and outage work at four Entergy sites in Louisiana (Waterford 1 and 2 in Cologna, Little Gypsy plant in Montz, and Michaud and Nine Mile plants, both in New Orleans). L-110 provides maintenance and outage work at Energy’s Baxter-Wilson plant in Vicksburg and Rex Brown plant in Jackson.

L-37 BM-ST Lionel Hanna and L-110 BM-ST Jimmy Bragg expressed pride in the effort of lodge members to work safely.

“This was truly a milestone,” Hanna noted.

“I’m really pleased with our hands,” said Bragg. “Our Boilermakers did an excellent job.”

Locals  L-37, L-110
Reporter  V50N4
Published on the Web: October 4, 2011

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