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International Reps attend training in Kansas City

Three-day event draws 13 from across US

THIRTEEN INTERNATIONAL REPS honed their lodge servicing skills by attending a training course conducted by Industrial Sector Operations in Kansas City, Missouri, Nov. 14-16. The course included roundtable discussions and presentations on topics such as mediation, contract negotiations, organizing and arbitration. Pictured above are, left to right, IR Dan McWhirter, ED-ISO Tyler Brown, IR Erica Stewart, D-OS-ISO Jody Mauller, IR Dwain Burnham, IR Jeff Campbell, IR John Seward, IR David Gaillard, IR Dan Luhmann, D-IT Curt Smith, IR Adrian Maldonado, IR Bill Coleman, IR Miguel Fonseca, IR Fred Rumsey, IR Don Hamric, IR Bill Staggs and IBB Research Assistant Debbie Goodwin.

Reporter  V57N1
Published on the Web: March 8, 2018

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