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New York local union joins Boilermakers

On Feb. 1, approximately 400 service workers from independent Local 947 became affiliated with the Boilermakers. Local 947 president Gloria Larrondo, who has logged over 30 years in the fight for organized labor, has a strong commitment to protecting the rights of working people. She said this move was the right one to continue to protect and defend the local’s members.

She first heard about the Boilermakers from a colleague who sang the praises about “how great Boilermakers are for the members,” Larrondo said. And after researching and speaking with IBB staff, members of Local 947 made the leap.

The Kings Park, New York, local advocates for service workers in the industrial trades. The local’s members work in various industries including hotels, manufacturing, transportation warehousing, call centers, office services and more.

Larrondo and members of the local are excited about the recent change. “I’m honored and delighted,” she said. “I feel this will be beneficial to the rank and file.”

ED-ISO Tyler Brown worked with Larrondo to cement the change. “International President Jones has made it clear that organizing remains a continuing priority in our union. We look forward to Local 947 becoming part of our Boilermaker family.  It is always exciting to see our union grow.”