L-169 Delo wins 2016 graduate apprentice title

Marcus Delo, L-169, receives his trophy after being named winner of the 2016 U.S. National Apprenticeship Competition.

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Runner-up spot goes to L-363’s Peradotto; Western States Section takes team honors

MARCUS DELO, A member of Detroit Local 169 (Great Lakes Area) won top honors at the 2016 National Apprenticeship Competition held at Local 101 (Denver) August 22-25. This was the second year in a row a graduate apprentice of L-169 took top honors and the local’s fourth top finish in the last five years.

Andrew Peradotto, a member of East St. Louis Local 363, was named runner up. Team honors went to the Western States Area, which paired Hugo Castaneda, Local 92 (Los Angeles) with Mircha Vorobets from Local 242 (Spokane, Washington).

Also competing were Daniel A. Eisenhart, Local 69 (Little Rock, Arkansas); Joshua J. Gaska, Local 7 (Buffalo, New York); Max L. Smith, Local 154 (Pittsburgh); and Adam M. Williams, Local 40 (Elizabethtown, Kentucky).

Candidates competed on a written exam covering their four years of related studies and on-the-job-training, blueprint reading and safety. Hands-on competition included rigging, layout and fabrication, tube rolling, knot tying, hand signals, reeving, and equipment use along with welding and cutting. Judges scored contestants on safety and on overall knowledge and demonstrated skills.

To reach the national competition, which is sponsored by the Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program, contestants had to finish in the winner or runner-up spot in their respective area competitions.

Judges for the event included, by area: Western States — Pat Fross (Power Source Service, Inc.) and Mike Huffman (retired, Local 101); Great Lakes — Brian Dowden (BMW) and Jason Hettel (Local 29, Boston); Southeast — David Bailey (Central Maintenance) and Shon Almond (IR-CSO); Northeast — John Cammuso (Babcock Power, Inc.) and James Paglia (Local 29); and National Transient Division — Walter Cook (Fisher Tank Company) and Monte Causey (IR-CSO). Michael Stanton (Local 154) served as test administrator.

The candidates were recognized and awards were presented at a dinner held August 25 at the Westin Denver Downtown. Presenters included International President Newton B. Jones; International Vice President-Northeast D. David Haggerty; BNAP Program Chairman Michael Bray; and BNAP Program Coordinator Marty Spencer. Spencer also served as master of ceremonies.