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L-29’s Moffatt thanks Boilermakers

MY BIG BROTHER, Dave, got me started as a Boilermaker in 1975. At age 54, I could not continue in the trade [due to health reasons]. Just before Christmas, a couple of my friends from Local 29 took up a collection, and I received $4,072. I can’t explain how much it meant to me.

I would like to thank my brothers for a wonderful living and an exciting career. I have a whole lifetime of boiler-making memories. It wasn’t all easy — divorce, injuries, being away from home for long periods — but fortunately you don’t [focus on] the bad times.

I love all you guys and my trade as a journeyman field construction Boilermaker.

Russell G. Moffatt
Local 29 retiree
Meddybemps, Maine

Retiree seeks contact with other members

After countless conversations with other construction Boilermakers, I realized that what many of us miss the most in retirement is contact with the friends we have made in the trade. Over the years, many of us “boomed out” to different jobs across the country and lost communication.

If any fellow members — retired or active — are interested in finding a way to get back in touch with old friends and acquaintances, I’m interested in being a part of that effort. Please send me an email at manilajon66@yahoo.com.

Jon M. Shaskan
Local 549 retiree
Charleston, S.C.

Wife of L-647’s Rathjen thanks Brotherhood

I RECEIVED WORDS of comfort and gifts of money from Boilermakers of many locals [upon the death of L-647 member Darrell “Shorty” Rathjen on Oct. 7, 2010].

I know you will keep his memory alive with stories [that involved him].

Be safe. Keep strong. Thank you.

Shorty’s wife
Hazen, N.D.