Locals award service pins

Darrell Miller, 74, is still working at the trade. In May he earned his 55-year membership pin from Local 27 (St. Louis). Born in 1936, Miller began his career at age 19, working five years at St. Louis Ship. He then became a helper at CBW Sheet & Iron Works. In 1961, he went to work for Continental Boiler (now known as Continental Fabricators Inc.), where he still works today at a burn table. Nicknamed “Hollywood” for his jet-black, slicked-back, hair style that lasted him well into his 60s, “Miller is always good for a wild story with plenty of laughs,” reports job steward Scott Werner. “Even at the age of 74, Hollywood is still among the steadiest hands in the shop with a torch. Any plans to retire may come someday, but for now the work helps keep him young,” says Werner.

Local 1 - Chicago

John Skermont , BM -ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports the following membership pin presentations.

35 YEARS - Edward Boruta Jr.; and
30 YEARS - Michael J. Jasien.

Local 11 - Helena, Mont.

John Roeber, BM -ST of Local 11, Helena, Mont., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

35 YEARS - Ronald Hunziker, Tim Laedeke;
30 YEARS - Randy Camper, Thomas Macek, Jay Matthews, Robert Rule;
20 YEARS - David Mabry, Brad Makinen, Steven Pryor; and
15 YEARS - Jeff Worden.

Local 40 - Elizabethtown, Ky.

RAY PARRO TT, BM -ST of Local 40, Elizabethtown, Ky., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

65 YEARS - Edmond Alvey;
60 YEARS - Robert Beasley;
45 YEARS - Richard Mitchell;
40 YEARS - Clyde Atwood, William Brown, Jimmy Tharp;
35 YEARS - Paul Hill, Patrick Holbrook;
30 YEARS - Henry Hilburn, Richard Johnson, Byron Maddox;
25 YEARS - David W. Bailey, Raymond Beasley, Timothy Boxley, Kerry Holbrook, Wendell Lee, Dwight Underwood, David Wilson;
20 YEARS - James J. Bailey, Kevin Boggs, Sonny Burnett, George Burton, Billy Collins, Louis Etherton, Gerald Hope, Bernice Millard, Robert Stevens, Dwight Underwood, William Walters; and
15 YEARS - Chris Church, Cecil Hurley, Randy Matheny, and Michael Vaught.

Local 191 - Victoria, B.C.

JAMES FITZPATRICK , BM -ST of Local 191, Victoria, British Columbia, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

55 YEARS - Ken Burgoyne;
50 YEARS - Tom McVie, Tom White;
45 YEARS - Michael Bacon, Leif Broback, David Chisholm, Ian Kelly, Frank Lezetc, Nick Lupkoski, Terry Maragozis, Peter Saegebrecht;
40 YEARS - Jim Marrison, Nirmal Shahi, Norm Smith;
35 YEARS - Del Anderson, Gary Callander, Ross McIlwaine, Ken Plante, Carey Schaub, Al Skinner, Brian Williams;
30 YEARS - Keith Aldous, Garth Ayerst, David DeFrane, Tony Den-Otter, David Denton, Chris Edwards, Peter Gostasson, Ron Halpen, Zdzislaw Ilowski, Jim Isacson, Robert Johnston, Peter Kiernan, David Kirk, Emil Liska, Peter Maggiora, David McCormick, Vince McCormick, Bill Morrison, Hussain Mustafa, Jerry Nickel, Jose Pereira, Derrick Pocock, Neil Rasmussen, Steve Ray, Derek Robb, Terry Robertson, Terry Smith, Ken Snowsell, John Tyler, Bert Vanderveen, Reg Waggoner, Norm Wickett, Daryl Williams;
25 YEARS - Calvin Campbell, Brian Cathcart, Steve Collins, Glen Hepting; and
20 YEARS - Bill Alexander, Jeremy Alexander, Steve Kelly, Gene Leech, Danny Lyle, Gary Madden, and Steve Sullivan.

Local 502 - Tacoma, Wash.

Randy Robbins, BM-ST of Local 502, Tacoma, Wash., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

50 YEARS - Gunter Gervais, L.L. Rafferty, Jack Wehrli;
45 YEARS - John Henry, Michael Mantei, Patrick Morse;
40 YEARS - Marvin Calkins, Robert D. Lewis, Joe Plattner, Tim Russ;
35 YEARS - Jorge Blas, Bruce Burge, Jack Forbes, Richard Gregovich, Michael Hollinger, William Kinerk, Michael Knapp, Rickey Lappegard, John Pile, William Ruetter, Tom Segundo, Steve Shaw, Tim White, Charles Winston, Michael Woodruff;
30 YEARS - Michael Weaver; and
25 YEARS - James Rhodes and Anthony Sprinkle.

Local 667 - Charleston, W. Va.

GEORGE PINKERMAN, BM -ST of Local 667, Charleston, W.Va., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

60 YEARS - Gilbert R. Lovejoy, Ray V. Lybolt, Gilmer E. Mosteller, Wilbur L. Rhodes, Wendell H. Williams;
45 YEARS - Emanuel M. Allstock, James W. Boswell, John M. Boswell, Paul W. Brown, Billy E. Dingess, Charles F. Eddy, James W. Elliott, Bobby E. Hyatt, Lowell T. Templeton;
40 YEARS - James Bargo, Richard M. Bradley, Allen R. Brotherton, Franklin W. Cogar, James W. Deitz, William D. Dew, Charles M. Durfee, Darrius L. Hall, Charles R. Hamilton, Roger E. Henley, Jerry A. Jeffers, Larry E. Jones, Darrell I. Kapp, Ronald W. Koontz, Ersel D. Loftis, Sherman E. Long, Daniel L. Malik, Orden M. May, Franklin E. Moffett, Raymond D. Morris, Calvin L. Perry, James F. Poling, William E. Poling, William G. Russell, Ronald L. Salser, Byron D. Sampson, Phillip G. Sampson, Shelburn E. Smith, Shelva G. Smith, Jack L. Thomas, Willis L. Turner, Delmus N. Tustin, Thomas S. Vance, Marlin M. Vandall, Everett E. Watterson, Arch S. Wilkins, Kermit C. Wolf, Russell J. Young;
35 YEARS - Michael R. Adams Sr., Charles R. Aliff, John D. Ammons, Charles E. Berry, John E. Boardman, Charles E. Bradley, Lowell D. Brothers, Bruce D. Bush, Allen S. Byard, Samuel L. Canterbury, Gary W. Casto, Earl F. Cunningham, John E. Hall, Donald R. Headley, Kenneth E. Kelley, Donald G. Mosteller, Roger E. Null, Terry G. Parsons, Kenneth W. Rice, Bruce W. Sexton, Gary O. Smith, James R. Smith, James R. Somerville, Sheldon E. Stanley II , Maxwell R. Stewart, John R. Tice, Garrett R. Walker, Niles M. Young;
30 YEARS - D avid L. Anthony, Douglas C. Dennison, James E. Fisher, Gregory D. Griffin, Dennis J. Harlow, David L. Harman, Larry R. Harman, Carlos D. Hodges, John C. Johnson, Larry G. King, Rex A. Landers, Timothy W. McClanahan, Phillip C. McCoy, Randell L. Midkiff, Timothy J. Miller, Richard D. Painter, Michael W. Toothman, David L. White, James A. White, Michael L. Wise;
20 YEARS - Gilbert E. Bowen, Mickey L. Brady, Ronald P. Carr, Gregory D. Casto, Garry W. Cheuvront, Rodney M. Dennison, James E. Estes, Ricky A. Farley, Oscar M. Kirk, Jackie R. Lee, Chad F. Locke, Tim McVickers, Eugene R. Pahl, Alan Perdue, Clifton E. Phillips, Glenn E. Taylor, Lee I. Thompson, William D. Tomlinson, John W. Watterson Jr.; and
15 YEARS - Michael L. Bareswilt, Mark W. Bartrug, John M. Byard, Michael D. Cheuvront, Bruce A. Coiner, Bradley P. Elder, Allen D. Goddard, James R. Grueser Jr., Justin C. Hesson, Mark C. Kelley, James King, James A. Long, Marshall A. Nestor, James K. Poling II , and Robert K. Tennant.


We publish only those lists sent from local lodge officers for pins received in the current year. If you don’t see your lodge here, please ask one of your lodge officers to send us the list.

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