Letters to the Editor

Local 29’s Giannone vows to beat cancer

I retired in March 2010 at age 55, and am so proud to have been a union Boilermaker. I worked all over the country, and I know there are no better brothers and sisters in the world than the field members I have met [since joining Boston Local 29 in 1980].

In July, I found out that I have cancer. An X-ray in January showed no problems, but persistent back pain sent me to a chiropractor in June, who ordered two MRIs. Finally, a CT scan showed a small spot on my lung. The point I want to make is: Do not depend on X-rays alone. If you don’t feel right, push your doctor for more tests. I have lots of hope and support to fight this, and I will beat this.

Keep fighting corporate greed and demand your fair share. They can’t make a profit without your sweat. Fight on, brothers and sisters.

Dominic “Nick” Giannone
Local 29 retiree
Weymouth, Mass