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Kudos - the Boilermaker Reporter V49N3

FMS credits L-582 for outage success

Fluor [Maintenance Services (FMS)] and NRG [Energy Inc.] have just completed a boiler outage on unit 2 at the Big Cajun II [a coal-fired power plant in New Roads, La.].

Facing an extremely tight schedule of 21 working days, this outage of 140,000 man-hours was a major concern to both NRG and Fluor. [However,] the outage was extremely successful, largely due to the Boilermakers dispatched by Local 582 [Baton Rouge, La.].

Work included:

  • Removal and replacement of 16 tube panels at the lower slope
  • Replacement of 13 platen superheat pendant lower loops
  • Repairs of penthouse casing
  • IK lane installation of 128 jumpers and 90-foot elbows
  • Boiler outage and maintenance work
  • Replacement of hot, cold, and intermediate baskets on one air heater
  • Replacement of a cold-end basket on another air heater
  • 2,460 tube welds with a one percent reject rate.

The work was accomplished with zero OSHA recordables, zero rework, ahead of schedule, and under budget.

These accomplishments were met due to the safety attitude, hard work, skill level, and commitment of the Boilermakers of Local 582, and the Boilermakers International.

To the Boilermakers who supported this outage: Thank you for a job well done. Fluor and NRG Big Cajun II are looking forward to Local 582’s assistance with another successful outage this fall.

D. “Woodie” Mc Duffie
FMS Manager/NRG Big Cajun II

PMC praises L-363 for outage work

Members of Local 363 [E. St. Louis, Ill.], along with other building trades working under the supervision of Power Maintenance and Constructors LLC (PMC), successfully completed the installation of a dry flue gas desulfurization (DFGD) system on unit 3 of the Baldwin Energy Complex, owned and operated by Dynegy Midwest Generation.

Overhead view of Dynegy’s Baldwin Energy Complex in Baldwin, Ill., where Local 363 members are installing DFGD systems.

Overhead view of Dynegy’s Baldwin Energy Complex in Baldwin, Ill., where Local 363 members are installing DFGD systems.

The DFGD system, which is part of Dynegy’s Consent Decree program with the federal government to install and operate pollution control equipment, takes the flue gas stream that had previously been sent to the chimney and diverts the stream through a scrubber and bag house system to remove sulfur dioxide (SO2), the primary component in the formation of acid rain.

The back-end of the unit’s precipitator had to be rebuilt and several new sections of ductwork installed to complete the gas path. Careful planning and execution of the numerous heavy lifts allowed for the work to be completed safely and efficiently. The final tie-in of the DFGD system was completed in late May as part of the spring outage for unit 3.

The maintenance portion of the boiler outage consisted of numerous projects, including a re-tube of the main condenser, a slag tank refurbishment, feed water heater replacements, rebuilds of the coal mills, water wall drum repairs, bunker feeder chute repairs, and miscellaneous boiler tube inspections and repairs.

This work was completed ahead of schedule, under budget, and with safety at the forefront. The tripartite approach with input and interaction among the owner, contractor, and union labor was essential in the overall success of these projects. Construction continues on the DFGD systems for units 1 and 2 at the complex. These units will be completed and brought into operation as part of future planned outages.

Jeremy T. McKinney, P.E.
PMC Director of Operations

Locals  L-363, L-582
Reporter  V49N3
Published on the Web: October 4, 2010

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