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Locals award service pins

Local 1 — Chicago

John Skermont, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

40 Years – Thomas C. Patterson;
35 Years – Thomas E. Hartley; and
30 Years – Greg C. VanHaren.

Local 34 — Topeka, Kan.

Kenneth Nelson, Local 34 rec. sec., Topeka, Kan., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

50 Years – Joe Borjon, Wayne Pence, Ron Rush;
45 Years – Clyde Baldwin, Ron Brown, Mike Coyle, Jim Gillespie, Weldon Gray, Bob Neiswender, Keith Stewart;
40 Years – Jim Baxter, Bill Brown, Bill Cooksley, Boots Hladky, J.L. McCormick;
35 Years – Richard Allen, R.D. Cooper, J. Grace, T. Kendall, R.W. Morrissey, R.A. Nash, L.G. Roark, D. Schlotzhauer, J.T. Stevens, F.D. Stewart;
30 Years – K. W. Dunn, R.W. Farwell, R.D. Gehrke, G.L. Hall, B.A. Johnson, M.D. Johnston, K.D. Nelson, Ben Roseberry, J.L. Turner, Lewis Tyler, Milton Zeller; and
15 Years – D.V. Cummings.

L-60 — Peoria, Ill.

Gary Lusk, BM-ST of Local 60, Peoria, Ill., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

50 Years – Earl Gum Jr.;
45 Years – Vern Campbell;
40 Years – Mark Nelsen, Thomas Wood;
30 Years – Larry Baumgartner, Richard Bonnett, Paul Bosnich II, Anthony Chavez, Nicholas Chavez, Mark Granger, Gary Roberts, Brian Wachs;
20 Years – Robert Voight; and
15 Years – Darrell Dahl, Brenda Gehant, Christopher Gibson, Benjamin Harrison, Brian Holford, Gary Hunt, Jeff Inman, Rod Jacobs, Michael Kolesar, Darren Lindee, Cynthia Manning, Barry Massa, Matthew Nelsen, Larry Prince, Jerry Schultz, Christopher Shaw, James Stear, Kenneth Thompson, Ronald Walker.

L-374 — Hammond, Ind.

Paul Maday, BM-ST of Local 374, Hammond, Ind., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

55 Years – Kenneth Gehlhausen;
50 Years – Sidney A. Dickerson III, Bobby W. Eads;
45 Years – Robert M. Livengood;
40 Years – James E. Collins, Robert S. Johnson, Billy D. Jones, Bruce J. Miller, James R. Mitz, Larry K. Rasner;
35 Years – Kenneth E. Barnes, Joseph J. Draeger, Linus E. Hagedorn, Steven Hagedorn, Michael J. Henrys, Michael J. Meyer, Windell L. Nasby, Thomas R. Newlin, Joseph S. Pawlik, Joseph M. Pokrajac, Richard L. Robb, Paul F. Rogier, Larry J. Sims, Bernard A. Will, William S. Wood;
30 Years – Warren E. Alexander, Alan D. Ball, John M. Blue, Neil E. Bockhold, Terry S. Brown, Dennis R. Casey, William C. Cassell, Rudey K. Estes, Robert J. Fisse, Richard I. Flamion, Randall J. Friedman, George F. Furnish, Rex A. Gehlhausen, Monty L. Gilman, Lawrence A. Goings, William R. Hill Jr., Charles A. Householder, Patrick M. Jozwick, John D. Kalinowski, Daniel J. Lamar II, James P. Lentz Jr., Raymond Lock, Robert D. Lock, Steven I. Mantz, Mark R. Mehling, Robert B. Mize, Patrick E. Neu, Francis J. Neylon, William W. Ricketts, Robert L. Rothenberger, Robert L. Schulthise, Terry A. Schwing, Gregory J. Tempel, Timothy J. Thomas, Donald L. Trumpower Jr., Freddy R. Wilhoit, Ruben Yzaguirre;
25 Years – George I. Fleming, Mark W. Jorden, William J. Miller;
20 Years – Stanley R. Austin, Sean Burke, Mark E. Cunningham, Gilbert Gusansky, Theodore J. Pufahl, Michael D. Todd; and
15 Years – Anthony A. Burns, Michael R. Curtis, Jerry Day, Anthony J. Frye, Theodore A. Kutscher Sr., Richard D. Spisak, William E. Turner.

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Published on the Web: February 19, 2009

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