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Letters to the Editor

Cushing family grateful for memories

WE WOULD LIKE to thank everyone for their condolences, flowers, and cards. It is of the utmost importance to his family that Ray [past New Jersey Local 28 BM-ST] be remembered for the man he was and the dedication he gave to his union and his family.

Our experiences with the Boilermakers have marked our lives indelibly. We will treasure these memories always.

Family of Ray Cushing Jr.: wife, Debbie; sons, Ryan and Kevin; daughter, Casey Ann; mother, Dolores; sister, Kelly McGovern; niece and nephew, Katie and Danny McGovern

L-19 ST expresses gratitude to new president

I WOULD LIKE to say thank you to our new president, Dave Gaillard, who went above and beyond his duties to give Local 19 [Philadelphia] a great home. He overcame obstacles that would have made most people quit, but because of his dedication to our local, he persevered.

From the bottom of our hearts, the members at Local 19 say thank you to Dave Gaillard for the focus and direction he always gives to his members.

Fred Chamberlain
L-19 Sec.-Treas., Philadelphia

Like Boilermaker father, like son

I JOINED LOCAL 6 [Oakland, Calif.] in 1942 after returning from the Naval Air Station Midway [Midway Islands, U.S.] in the South Pacific. I worked in shipyards, shops, on the railroad, and in field construction during my last 35 years.

My son, Jack, was the first Boilermaker apprentice to graduate out of Local 6. His first job was in 1971 at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Project in Avila Beach, Calif. He worked for me on the job site for several contractors during the 17 years I was there. He was a foreman at Diablo Canyon and a steward on several jobs. Jack could do it all — certified tank welder, high rigger — all phases of our trade.

I retired out of Local 549 [Pittsburg, Calif.] in 1987, the same local Jack worked out of until his retirement. [I just wanted to say] thanks for the years I spent as a Boilermaker.

Tom Velas co, Local 549 retiree

Locals  L-6, L-19, L-28, L-549
Reporter  V47N4
Published on the Web: November 24, 2008

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